Tired of Being Alone

[….] I recognised the sound: I Fought the Law by The Clash. I had been a teenager when punk hit the music scene like a fist in the face, and I was still there to see how quickly it became an empty parody of itself just over a year later. Now it had become nothingContinue reading “Tired of Being Alone”

In Her Wardrobe

Well… to be honest, I felt like a bit of a dick. I mean, it wasn’t just the indignity of it, although, quite obviously, that was bad enough. It was more that it was such a cliché of comedy, of sit-coms and cartoons and jokes. I mean I could – maybe – have coped withContinue reading “In Her Wardrobe”

Beyond Land’s End

Sometimes, on the evening train going home from his working life, he’d sit watching the world going by outside the train while wondering what would happen if he didn’t get off at his usual stop. Where would he go? What would become of him? Would the rest of his life, his wife, his children, hisContinue reading “Beyond Land’s End”

Monday Poem: The Landscapes of Dreaming

The Landscapes of Dreaming Your hands clutched tight as you sleptkeeping tight hold of all your dreams.Nothing escaped those watchful eyesbehind closed lids as they chasedacross all the landscapes of your dreaming, searching for the morning that lay hiddenbeyond the curtains of that small roomwhere I waited for you to awakeand take me with youContinue reading “Monday Poem: The Landscapes of Dreaming”

How Worlds are Created

There are those who think they know how worlds like this come into being. They think they understand how to take this airy nothing and twist it into shape so that the mountains grow out of the flat lands and they think they know those motions of the wrist that can fill this valley withContinue reading “How Worlds are Created”

Thursday Poem: A Small Blue Box

A Small Blue Box A small blue box of reasons whyshe holds closed in both handsand carries it to all the placeswhere she lives her own life. Up high on a shelf almost out of reachshe places it carefully hiddenso it cannot be seen by thosewho stumble into her life And then are gone, leavingContinue reading “Thursday Poem: A Small Blue Box”

Ripped Dreams

We could hold this secret in our hands, keep it wrapped tight against the cold harsh deprecations of this world. A world that will rip your dreams from you and toss them on the storm winds until they are blown far away and out of reach. This world will tear your dreams from you andContinue reading “Ripped Dreams”

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