MPs To Hold Sex Education Debate

MPs in the House of Commons are set to have a debate on sex education in the very near future. A spokeswoman for the leader of the House, Dirty Harry Harman, said: While most MPs regard sex within a monogamous relationship as the ideal, the simple fact is the life of an MP does leadContinue reading “MPs To Hold Sex Education Debate”

Observing Creatures In The Wild

Now, as we approach the hides I want you to be as quiet and discreet as possible. This means if you have mobile, phones or pagers please turn them off, and any intimate massaging devices you may have about your person, please switch those off too, as these creatures can sniff out an immanent orgasmContinue reading “Observing Creatures In The Wild”

Older Women Unplanned Pregnancy Warning

Some experts yesterday issued a warning to women over 35 who are ditching contraception in the mistaken belief that they are unlikely to get pregnant. A spokeswoman for the Family Planning Association said: A lot of women in the 35-plus age-range glance across to the flatulent fat slob snoring away in front of the TVContinue reading “Older Women Unplanned Pregnancy Warning”

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