Notes and Comments: 27/03/2008

NOTES: A very good article by Rodger Kimball about how the wonderful 1960s, especially that ‘very good year’ 1968, weren’t. An edited version of it appears at The Grauniad’s CiF where I added this comment: My comment: Excellent article!Right on the spot, expect for this ‘the authority of churches and other repositories of moral wisdom’,Continue reading “Notes and Comments: 27/03/2008”

The Celebrity World Meta-Fiction

Here’s an interesting article by Marina Hyde at The Grauniad’s CiF site on the McCartney and Mills show. I believe she has only touched on the most important aspect of the thing and so I added this comment: Well, Marina, you have hinted at it in your piece, but what many people do not seemContinue reading “The Celebrity World Meta-Fiction”

The Folly Of Youth

A while ago, in an article about the resignation of Peter Hain, Andrew Rawnsley wrote this: Mr Brown did move quickly to reconfigure his cabinet to fill the Hain-shaped hole. By promoting a trio of thirtysomethings, he evidently hoped that a younger-looking top table will make this look like a government with plenty of tomorrows.Continue reading “The Folly Of Youth”

There Is No Alternative

It is time to bring to an – ignominious – end the cod-Romanticism of the ‘1960s’. All this ‘alternative society’ nonsense, once the province of befuddled hippies has dragged on far too long and seeped into the mainstream where it has almost become respectable. Indeed, to a certain sub-category of Guardian left(ish) leaning middle-class mindset,Continue reading “There Is No Alternative”

Spoilt For Choice

I never did get around to using Napster back in its heyday, although I did use something called Audiogalaxy, a broadly similar sort of thing, for a while – until my (by today’s standard miniscule 3GB) HD was filled up with songs. This short period of almost anarchic free downloading happened to coincide with aContinue reading “Spoilt For Choice”

Salt Of The Earth

An article by Tim Lott in The Independent on the BBC’s sudden realisation that there is still – just about – such a thing as the white working class. Coming from the working class myself, as Lott does, there is a great deal I recognise, and agree with, in his article, especially his remarks aboutContinue reading “Salt Of The Earth”

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