Sex Magyck

‘Where do you want it?’ Zena said. ‘What?’ Grent was distracted. This was always an awkward part of the course with his male students, but with a female… a young and very attractive woman, well…. ‘All this stuff, where shall I put it?’ It was only then Grent noticed Zena was holding a box ofContinue reading “Sex Magyck”

Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

Recently the world of entertainment has been rocked by reports of the increasing problem of celebrity wardrobe malfunctions. For example, there was an incident at the last Oscars ceremony where celebrities gathered to give each other meaningless statuettes. The assembled stars – and the fans who had come along to gawp at them – wereContinue reading “Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions”

How to Shape the Sky and Curve the Land

It was out at the edges of this world. I was out there, creating some new land, some new world. I was alone, as I always am, out there. Not many people know about the edges of this world. They think it is seamless and complete, that it is -somehow – defined and enclosed byContinue reading “How to Shape the Sky and Curve the Land”

Something for the Weekend – Free Kindle Humour: The Sexiest Elbows I’d Ever Seen

The Sexiest Elbows I’d Ever Seen Available FREE for five days here (UK) or here (US) Extract: [….] Twelve hours later, just as the TV station covering the event live went to an advertising break, there was an unearthly scream from the AntenDec beast as it stood on the tapioca-ignoring table, stripped off its clothingContinue reading “Something for the Weekend – Free Kindle Humour: The Sexiest Elbows I’d Ever Seen”

When it is Not Enough

  Sometimes, it is not enough. Whatever it is, whatever you do, it is not enough. There were times when it seemed the things that filled my life were enough. If my life wasn’t quite how I’d imagined it, it was good enough. It got me by. I found it easy enough to get outContinue reading “When it is Not Enough”

Victimless Crimes

Well, obviously, if you put it like that, who am I to argue, let alone arrange a undertaking for your ‘special’ wallaby to take its final accountancy exams. Still, as they say, you can’t count your chickens without at least some rudimentary form of counting system. Anyway, there she was standing there stark naked, butContinue reading “Victimless Crimes”


And so it came, suddenly, out of the sky like a… like a… like a great big fiery wombat… No, not a wombat.. what’s that thing a bit like a wombat, but it’s made out of rock and can flatten a whole forest to buggery? No, not an overweight politician…. Not the mother-in-law, either. EspeciallyContinue reading “Old-Fashioned”

The Female/Male Stoat Beguiler

Embrocation Disingenuous first became professor of Semi-Beguiled Stoat Contemplation in 1968. Back in those heady days of the late sixties, it seemed that the Summer of Love could almost belong to anyone with a tattered paperback of Blake’s Complete works, a brace of Doors albums, a 10% deposit and, of course, a semi-beguiled stoat. But,Continue reading “The Female/Male Stoat Beguiler”

The Marmalade Of Our Mornings

There are times when the very kitchens of our souls are overflowing with the effluvia of our meandering stager through the days that fall down on us like the contents of a badly-stocked cupboard as we go about opening each one searching for that marmalade of our mornings that we are sure we bought homeContinue reading “The Marmalade Of Our Mornings”

Ethical Headgear

There are times it seems when the world geo-political situation means that one has simply no other choice, but to wear a hat. Of course, such a decision is not to be taken lightly, especially if one likes to count oneself amongst that dwindling band of the Right-On Politically-Correct Left, where choice of headgear willContinue reading “Ethical Headgear”

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