Russian Plan To Destroy Asteroid Condemned

The head of the Russian space agency has announced plans to destroy an asteroid seemingly on a collision course with the Earth, claiming such a collision could claim many thousands of lives. However, a spokeswoman for HETA (Humans for the Ethical Treatment of Asteroids), Gully Usefulidiot, strongly condemned the move, claiming it would be aContinue reading “Russian Plan To Destroy Asteroid Condemned”

UK Government Closes UFO Investigation Unit

The UK government has closed down its MOD UFO Investigation Unit after it had spent fifty years of investigating reports of UFO sightings. As The Dark Lord of Foy said in an exclusive interview with The Rope: Look into my eyes…. There are no such things as UFOs. There are no such things as aliens.Continue reading “UK Government Closes UFO Investigation Unit”

Space Exploration News

NASA announced yesterday that their latest unmanned lunar probe, Steve III, has discovered significant deposits of what appears to be warm toast near the Moon’s South Pole. A NASA spokesperson said, to an astonished press corps: Adding this to last year’s discovery of significant thick-cut marmalade deposits by the earlier lunar probe, Steve II, justContinue reading “Space Exploration News”

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