Held in the Darkness

It was a long dark. It was a lonely dark. Lona lost track of the time, she lost track of her place. The darkness went beyond the mere darkness and beyond the shadows where she knew not to tread. Helda had told her that it was for Lona to come to know the darkness, toContinue reading “Held in the Darkness”

Universal Woes

‘It’s this universe you sold me last week.’ ‘Oh, yes. The NuCreation 159B – Model x1W? What’s wrong with it?’ ‘It doesn’t work.’ ‘Really? That is unusual. The x1W is usually very reliable. Most of the supreme beings we’ve sold it to down the aeons have been very satisfied with it.’ ‘Well, this one. ItContinue reading “Universal Woes”

Evolution and Intelligence

It would have to do. At least for now. But those blue seas and the green land bothered Him. He was sure He’d created one like this before. There was a world He’d created some time back, not that time made much sense to an immortal. He seemed to remember it was one with blueContinue reading “Evolution and Intelligence”

Of All the Dimensions in All the Universes

They all said how they had never seen me so happy, which I suppose must mean I was once a very miserable bugger indeed. ‘When can we meet her?’ It was a question I grew tired of hearing. I developed an extensive repertoire of evasive, non-committal responses. Of course, the best one was eventually admittingContinue reading “Of All the Dimensions in All the Universes”

Between and Beyond Everything

It grew from nothing. The universe is emptier than we think. Everything that looks so solid is full of nothing, emptiness waiting to be filled. Out there, though, beyond what we like to see as reality, mysterious things were waiting. They were not even living, not even creatures… yet. But given enough space, they grewContinue reading “Between and Beyond Everything”

The World Storms

Sometimes there are too many worlds out there. They fall across each other, overlapping and spilling into each other. It takes time to sort them out, put each one back on its own track, give each one its own independent timeline again. The technicians gossip, as technicians always do, that the storms are getting worse.Continue reading “The World Storms”

Out of Those Shadows Grew Demons and Gods

Shadows fall across this world. A silent creeping of darkness that hides all we do not see, all we turn away from. We know the shadows and dark places are dangerous. There is a fear that lurks in those shadowed corners that has haunted us from times long before we knew what it was toContinue reading “Out of Those Shadows Grew Demons and Gods”

Free Kindle Novel: Juggling Balls – a Science Fiction Comedy

  Available FREE for the next Five days Juggling Balls is available here (UK link) or here (universal link)   Juggling Balls A Science Fiction Comedy  Martin Laws hates mysteries. So why has someone sent him a bag of juggling balls? Why has he no memory of buying a new computer? Why has that new computerContinue reading “Free Kindle Novel: Juggling Balls – a Science Fiction Comedy”

The Sock Event Horizon

As we all know, the black holes in the universe all lie beyond what physicists call the Sock Event Horizon. This is the place where all the odd socks, lost pens and other detritus of the universe ends up as it disappears from this universe, using the black hole as a conduit or wormhole toContinue reading “The Sock Event Horizon”

A Cave Like No Other

It was all too different, all too strange. Helda sat in the corner of the strange cave, her knees drawn up and her arms wrapped tight around them. The stuff she sat on was hard, like the stone of a cave, but smooth and so white. Above her was some sort of fire that gaveContinue reading “A Cave Like No Other”

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