No Such Concept

The longer Sydrill stood there just smiling that enigmatic smile of hers, the more uncomfortable he looked. That slow, languid blink of hers when she is thinking, or listening to her translation machine, makes it seem as though she is frozen, not paying attention, gone off on some alien daydream or something. He turned toContinue reading “No Such Concept”

The Untidy Universe

There is nothing. Everything is emptiness and hollowness. But then that does save the bother of having to find somewhere to put it all. There should be at least some cupboard space, but there never is. ‘There is,’ as Wittgenstein said about this great philosophical conundrum, ‘never enough space on top of the wardrobe. ForContinue reading “The Untidy Universe”

The Artefact

Anyway, there it was, just sitting there like a… like a… thing, except that it was vibrating slightly and humming. A mystery. It looked alien, not of this world. Obviously then I thought it must not be alien. What are – after all, when you think about it – the chances of something that looksContinue reading “The Artefact”

Space, Time and Car Parking

  Still, it’s not as if she had much choice, the laws of nature being what they are. After all, we all know how much easier it would be for parking the car if we weren’t just limited to the four dimensions of conventional space time. Sod the Star Trek warp drive, what would beContinue reading “Space, Time and Car Parking”

The Law of the Conservation of Conversational Momentum

Obviously, under the law of the conservation of conversational momentum, she is not going to shut up until you admit that you were wrong. However, you should not concede fault at too early an opportunity, especially if all you want to do is get back to watching the match, film, or whatever, or carry onContinue reading “The Law of the Conservation of Conversational Momentum”

Everything is Everywhere

Here, there and quite probably down the back of the sofa, or – if you are not careful – somewhere in the midst of Hartlepool. That is the trouble with stuff – it is all over the place. Although, if scientists are to be believed, and on the whole we should believe them, after allContinue reading “Everything is Everywhere”

Monday Poem: The Distances in the Universes of our Eyes

The Distances in the Universes of our Eyes We fall between the stars, and know, as distances all spread around,about what it means to be alone.We stood and watched the arcing skies above us, turning with the world looking for signs, looking for reasons for why this world is turning stilland why it turns aloneContinue reading “Monday Poem: The Distances in the Universes of our Eyes”

2030: A Lingerie Odyssey

‘Oh, my god… it’s full of bras!’ Everyone recognises that quote from Stanley Housebrick’s film 20:30: A Lingerie Odyssey, which tells of the journey by three men with an initially unexplained interest in ladies underwear and an AI computer: SAL-E 2000 through a portal into the universe’s largest retail lingerie section. Originally based on anContinue reading “2030: A Lingerie Odyssey”

Time Corridors

Time twists and turns to create these corridors we stumble down in the dark and uncertainty of not knowing what is to come. The world twisted and turned in a way that physicists did not think was possible and left us to fall into this warping of time that meanders through all the histories ofContinue reading “Time Corridors”

Dark Matter and the Nature of the Universe

All of this is pretty much about all of the thing that it is… unless there is some of it lost down the back of the sofa cushions – what is known to astronomers, cosmologists, and that nice lady down at the chip shop, as dark matter. Dark matter is dark which is why itContinue reading “Dark Matter and the Nature of the Universe”

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