The Thing Falling out of the Sky Incident

‘Then it came out of the sky like… like some kind of falling out of the sky thing…. And my first thought was something like… ‘Bugger me; something has fallen out of the sky’!’ This scintillating description by bystander and eyewitness, Splunge Cheesestroker, of what later became known as The Thing Falling Out of theContinue reading “The Thing Falling out of the Sky Incident”

Parking Problems

Then, of course, we didn’t really know what to do with it. After all, when was the last time you were visited by an alien? I mean, obviously we had the problem of finding somewhere to park his/her/its vehicle. After all, this is rather a quiet suburban street where one of the major preoccupations ofContinue reading “Parking Problems”


And so it came, suddenly, out of the sky like a… like a… like a great big fiery wombat… No, not a wombat.. what’s that thing a bit like a wombat, but it’s made out of rock and can flatten a whole forest to buggery? No, not an overweight politician…. Not the mother-in-law, either. EspeciallyContinue reading “Old-Fashioned”

Alien Invasion Thwarted

Well, anyway. I suppose this is the bit where we have to acknowledge the state of the biscuit tin and admit that yes, we may bear some (but not all) the responsibility for the fact that it was discovered without its lid out on the ring road. Normally, of course, there would be a straightforwardContinue reading “Alien Invasion Thwarted”

New Anti-Nuclear Fears

Following the increasingly desperate attempts by sections of the world’s media to whip up hysteria about the post earthquake and tsunami problems at a Japanese nuclear power station, anti-nuclear campaigners have started issuing warnings about what they say is ‘a much graver danger’ that they believe could threaten the whole world. As one anti-nuclear campaigner,Continue reading “New Anti-Nuclear Fears”

Time and Space and Stuff

So, anyway, there is little in the way of the use of string that cannot be utilised for all manner of things, especially as it now seems that the universe is made out of the stuff. However, that need not detain us here, as other matters are afoot about which we are as much inContinue reading “Time and Space and Stuff”

Hawking and M-Theory

It has been thirty years since Stephen Hawking declared that there could soon be a Theory of Everything. Now, in his latest book, Hawking, has emerged as a strong supporter of the so-called M-theory of how the universe began. M-Theory (or Mouse Theory) was first postulated by the legendary Douglas Adams in his seminal paperContinue reading “Hawking and M-Theory”

Scientists Explain Lack Of Water On Mars

Scientists have now confirmed that there used to be substantial amounts of water on the planet Mars. The scientists, from a university in the USA, have also confirmed just how and why Mars became the dry dead barren planet that it is now, without a single drop of water left on it. Studying the videoContinue reading “Scientists Explain Lack Of Water On Mars”

Long Range Pastries

Fossilbed Granulation is these days best known for her use of the low diving board to recalibrate the mathematical tables first set up by Triangulation Membrane that tabulated the angle at which a cheese scone should be launched when used as an offensive weapon. Membrane Tables, as they became known, have been used for manyContinue reading “Long Range Pastries”

Pluto ‘Turning Red’

According to NASA scientists, studying images taken by the Hubble Space telescope, the Sun’s furthermost orbiting dwarf planet, Pluto, is turning an increasing shade of red. Sources close to the UK’s Labour government have, therefore, confirmed that senior figures within the Labour party are now trying to convince the party’s embattled leader, the UK PMContinue reading “Pluto ‘Turning Red’”

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