The Day Without a Morning

It would be another day, or at least that was what she believed. The mornings always surprised her, coming out of her dreams and dragging her back into this familiar world. Or, that was what Helen thought. This was not the morning, though. Her phone chirped its usual morning song. Helen hated the way itContinue reading “The Day Without a Morning”

When the World Goes Away

It looked different now. Carla stared out at the sea, standing on the almost empty beach. Already the scene flickered in and out of focus like a poor TV signal on a stormy night. A dog barked nearby. She shifted to see the dog, a young Labrador, barking at the waves as they rolled towardsContinue reading “When the World Goes Away”

At The End of the Day

Paul didn’t know where she’d gone. He called out as he came home as usual, expecting Steph to reply. There was only silence. The house felt empty. He listened for a moment, expecting her to call from somewhere else in the house, but when she didn’t call back, he strolled into her office, pushing theContinue reading “At The End of the Day”

New at Wattpad: An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge

Sometimes, Claire glimpsed a world hidden away behind her thoughts. Back there, in the shadows, were those lurking creatures she tried not to think about too often. She knew those dark creatures hid in the shadows behind her. Occasionally, she saw flickers in mirrors and reflected back from the glass she brought up to herContinue reading “New at Wattpad: An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge”

A World in Reach

Sometimes her world looked different to Jennil. It was hard to say what was wrong, but then it was hard to say what was right with the ordinary, everyday world. The world was just the way it was and it was the way it usually was. When she was younger, Jennil had tried to askContinue reading “A World in Reach”

Free Kindle Novel: What Dreams May Come

FREE for the next Five days: What Dreams May Come Available here (UK) or here (US) Dreams are dangerous things. After a mental collapse forces him to sell his software company, entrepreneur Stephen Parker retreats to the quiet coastal village of Stoneyhaven, hoping to rebuild his life. Soon Parker discovers how dangerous dreams can be,Continue reading “Free Kindle Novel: What Dreams May Come”

The Morning Waiting Outside

It was just another day. An ordinary day. At least that was what Steve kept telling himself. He had tried telling himself it was a dream. Maybe, it was one of those dreams where you think you are actually awake, but you are dreaming. A dream was the only explanation for the…. It had workedContinue reading “The Morning Waiting Outside”

The Invisible World

Shelly didn’t know, couldn’t remember when it began. She assumed it had always been there. She had, as a child, always been good – too good – at hide and seek. So much so, that she’d become bored of how easy it was to stay hidden. As she got older and trouble happened around her,Continue reading “The Invisible World”

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