About the Shadowed Places

She knew about the shadowed places. She knew there were places in the shadows and dark corners of this world that could lead off to other places set at an angle to this world. She knew that to pass through those shadows and dark places could bring her out into a world not like thisContinue reading “About the Shadowed Places”

In the Dark of Morning

Then there are those mornings when the alarm drags us out of the night while it is still dark. We huddle tight against each other to keep the cold at bay while we try to hang on to those scraps of dreams that somehow promised a life better than this. A life where I didContinue reading “In the Dark of Morning”

Invasion of the Universe

Soon every solar system was living in fear. It seemed the invasion forces were growing, getting stronger as they landed on world after world, dispersing throughout every country on every continent of that world – or found the most desirable parts of the ocean floor on the water-worlds, planted their signs and sped off inContinue reading “Invasion of the Universe”

Late Night Tales and Stories

You can, so easily, dance through all the moments of your days, letting the time flow past your movements like some slow languid river that eases the traveller to far distant places only ever heard of in late night tales and stories. Me? I am merely a teller of such stories. I can weave theContinue reading “Late Night Tales and Stories”

The Woman in White and the Panther

The words themselves are just standing there in the desert. Describing nothing, they stand as monuments: separate, unconnected, devoid of meaning. I do not have the strength to dig them out of the wind-blown sand, to move them and make shapes out of them, shapes both pleasing and sensible. I carve the shapes, the words,Continue reading “The Woman in White and the Panther”

The Hero

He lived as though he was the star in his own life. He was the hero who managed to avoid almost certain death. He defeated the baddies in a last-ditch stand, foiled the plot and – of course – in the end he got the girl. After that, though, he didn’t know what to do.Continue reading “The Hero”

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