The Rucksack

Still, I thought, y’know… maybe she did have a point. There were usually a couple of points of interest with her, especially on colder days, but I would want you to think I always stared… not too much anyway. They were magnificent though, especially in the bath when she got them all soapy and leantContinue reading “The Rucksack”

How I Became the Fat Bloke and Other Stories

How I Became the Fat Bloke and Other Stories is a collection of 19 short stories by David Hadley, including – in the title story – how one man realises what he had become while his attention was elsewhere. Socks – you should always be careful about who you let buy your socks for you,Continue reading “How I Became the Fat Bloke and Other Stories”

Wednesday Story: Graveyard

“Look at this one.” Simon brushed the long grass away from in front of the gravestone. “1895.” Susan came up behind him and rested her forearms across his shoulders. Her face brushed the top of his head. His hair smelt of apple-scented shampoo. It seemed strange to her, suddenly artificial, as though they had becomeContinue reading “Wednesday Story: Graveyard”

Wednesday Story: The Mystery of the Lupins

Of course, it goes without saying that the lupins were a bit of a mystery, after all you don’t expect that, do you? …Or do you? I must admit I’m not that up-to-date on these things, so perhaps it is perfectly normal for a woman to show up at your door, naked under her coatContinue reading “Wednesday Story: The Mystery of the Lupins”

Wednesday Story: Closing Down

It’s true that it wasn’t the job I’d always wanted, but, as I confidently expected to become a rock star in the very near future, I thought it would be good enough in the meantime. So, the job in the record shop, initially part-time while I waited for my big break, felt close enough toContinue reading “Wednesday Story: Closing Down”

Wednesday Story: Darkness

Darkness It was all silence. It seemed like some frozen, never-ending moment. Her hand reached out into the darkness, searching. Searching for something to touch, searching for something to hold. Searching for a shape in the blackness she could mould, form, into meaning. Seeing nothing on the outside, her eyes turned inward. She tried toContinue reading “Wednesday Story: Darkness”

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