Wednesday Story: How I Became the Fat Bloke

How I Became the Fat Bloke It happened in the office on Tuesday afternoon. Jane was talking to the new girl: Susan, explaining something or other about the arcane intricacies of the filing system. I was just around the corner trying to get the photocopier working again. I was out of sight, but within earshot.Continue reading “Wednesday Story: How I Became the Fat Bloke”

Wednesday Story: Rain On The Window

Rain On The Window We met, Liz and I, at a demo. I can’t remember what the protest was about now, but, then, there, on a quiet backstreet away from the surging screaming crowds, the wailing sirens, Liz had a handkerchief, and I had a bleeding head. I didn’t tell her – not then, notContinue reading “Wednesday Story: Rain On The Window”

Wednesday Story: A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story The old hometown looks the same, I couldn’t help smiling, despite everything. This place – my old hometown – didn’t look the same at all. If I didn’t know where I was, I wouldn’t recognise it. From the hospital I’d just left to the trendy coffee-bar-type café where I was sitting; itContinue reading “Wednesday Story: A Ghost Story”

Wednesday Story: Dead Leaves

Dead Leaves We were walking together deep in the countryside. It was a bright, but chilly, autumn day. The wind was blowing, twisting the dead leaves into the air. We both were wearing thick heavy coats and scarves. I wished I had a hat. Helen’s hand was deep inside the pocket of my coat, herContinue reading “Wednesday Story: Dead Leaves”

Wednesday Story: Memory Stones

Memory Stones The words themselves are just standing there in the desert. Describing nothing, they stand as monuments: separate, unconnected, devoid of meaning. I do not have the strength to dig them out of the wind-blown sand, to move them and make shapes out of them, shapes both pleasing and sensible. I carve the shapes,Continue reading “Wednesday Story: Memory Stones”

Wednesday Story: Socks

Socks Martin could hear the sound of distant drawers from the bedroom upstairs, Sally opening them; noisily rummaging through them and then ramming them shut again. “Socks! I said: socks!” Sally yelled down the stairs. “Socks?” Martin replied walking across to the bottom of the stairs and looking up. Sally appeared on the landing andContinue reading “Wednesday Story: Socks”

Wednesday Story: If I Show You A Flower

If I Show You A Flower “If I take your hand, and lead you away from here,” she said, looking up at his face. “If we walk together through shady, sun-dappled places, talking easily of things that matter to us, will you come willingly?” “I think I will have to,” Mike said. Rosemary nodded once,Continue reading “Wednesday Story: If I Show You A Flower”

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