Tears of Sadness, Tears of Joy

We did not know why it happened. It felt like any other time. The years rolled on much as they always had, and – we assumed – always would. The young were born, they got older, and if disease or other misfortune did not tear them from us, they married, had children of their ownContinue reading “Tears of Sadness, Tears of Joy”

A Dirty Mind

‘Don’t worry,’ I said. ‘I’ll think of something.’ ‘Oh.’ She shuffled her feet and gave me one of those looks. ‘What’s that mean?’ I said. ‘What’s what mean?’ ‘That look.’ ‘What look?’ ‘The sort of look a woman gives a man when she’s expecting him to make an arse of himself, or worse an arseContinue reading “A Dirty Mind”

Magic in the Air

‘There is,’ she said, ‘magic in the air.’ I looked up at her. I was lying in the bed, sheets thrown back. Giella was sitting up, naked, looking down at me with a serious expression on her face. ‘What?’ ‘I mean it.’ ‘Of course you do.’ I smiled. Ever since I’d arrived in the SouthContinue reading “Magic in the Air”

That Look in her Eyes

She had that look in her eyes again. Helt was worried. He remembered the last time she’d had that look in her eyes. It had not ended well, at least not for him. What is more to find out she had that look in her eyes meant that Helt had to be close enough toContinue reading “That Look in her Eyes”

Introducing the Secondary Characters

‘Hello. All right?’ ‘Hello. Yes… I’m fine.’ James looked around.’Er… excuse me?’ ‘Yes, mate?’ ‘If you don’t mind me asking, who are you?’ ‘Me?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Oh, sorry. I thought you knew. I’m one of the secondary characters.’ He extended his hand. ’I’m Pete.’ ‘Hello, Pete. Pleased to meet you. I’m….’ ‘Oh, I know who youContinue reading “Introducing the Secondary Characters”

The Authorial Voice

‘Well?’ She stood, arms folded, staring at me. ‘Well, what?’ ‘You’re the author. You tell me.’ ‘Do I have to?’ ‘Yes. I would have thought you would know that.’ She looked around at the blank page behind her. ‘Could you describe a chair for me? I could do with a sit down.’ ‘Sorry. Yes, ofContinue reading “The Authorial Voice”

The House of Ill-Repute

‘So, what can I do for you… gentlemen?’ The woman stood arms folded just inside the doorway. Sergeant Henk looked over his shoulder. The rest of the squad sidled away from the doorway towards the corner of the street. Sergeant Henk glanced over his other shoulder. ‘Sir?’ ‘What now, Henk?’ The new captain sauntered acrossContinue reading “The House of Ill-Repute”

A Historical Bent

Those of you of a historical bent will no doubt be aware that these days you can get an ointment for it. Not only that, you will no doubt be familiar with the legend of Lady Godiva of Coventry. However, you may not be aware of a similar historical figure from the annals of theContinue reading “A Historical Bent”

After It Is All Over

‘Come here,’ Daniel said, folding her into his strong arms. They kissed as the flames engulfed Doctor Blowhard’s secret island headquarters.   THE END   ‘You can let me go now.’ She struggled out of his arms. ‘The book is over.’ Stella Honeythighs took a step back, away from him. ‘But I thought-‘ ‘I knowContinue reading “After It Is All Over”

Space Junk

It was another one of those things. Drenk sighed. This would need more than a formal warning when she got there. This made seven she’d counted in this sector alone. Analysis had shown their trajectories all mapped back to the same originating planet. Drenk hoped a warning not to launch any more of their litterContinue reading “Space Junk”

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