Turning This Grey World Green

Turning This Grey World Green The snow clouds down on us, a falling sky Now lost beyond itself to leave this home So deep in white. We turn towards what lies Beneath our footsteps trudging deep and slow On through this drifting winter sharp with cold Until the tired days fade away behind The stepsContinue reading “Turning This Grey World Green”

Sunday Poem: Stories and Lies

Stories and Lies I saw her. She was walking so alone. The road was long, and lasted all her days. She would, I knew, then grow so weary sore Of walking, long before that endless road Then curved off into distance far beyond. The road was heading on towards some place Beyond the maps weContinue reading “Sunday Poem: Stories and Lies”

When Wizarding Goes Wrong

It was another day… probably. Helbert opened his other eye as much as he could. The other eye confirmed it was morning. He’d survived the night, which was something of a relief. Unless this was the afterlife. Helbert lifted his head further from the pillow. Once his eyes got the hang of focussing properly again,Continue reading “When Wizarding Goes Wrong”

A Floating Freedom

A Floating Freedom There are exceptions to all this. There are ways to break free From the hold of this world. A chance to step out into the sky And live among the clouds. A floating freedom taken on the wing. To go only where the winds go. Then – at night – a chanceContinue reading “A Floating Freedom”

Sunday Poem: A Trick of Light and Shade

  A Trick of Light and Shade The world is lost as we become anonymous just some more blurred and faceless faces, the very edge of yet another photograph. A mere disturbance of light and chemicals that burns so easily with only dust of our ashes left behind, all blown and lost on the wind’sContinue reading “Sunday Poem: A Trick of Light and Shade”

Sunday Poem: The Chain

  The Chain Stars are like everything thrown across an infinite nowhere and left forgotten. Names are everywhere, pining us down, taking lives and holding them still. Each name a form of chain holding us tight against the background of this world. Unable to break free of the chain of a name we twist andContinue reading “Sunday Poem: The Chain”

Sunday Poem: Still Dancing

Still Dancing Dancing through days that fallAt your feet like bright petals,You see all your tomorrowsSpreading out towards the horizon.You have lived a life like this before,Dancing on through your days. All that falls around youDissolves into the distanceAnd the past turns as you turn,Before turning away. None of itCan touch you, dancing free ofContinue reading “Sunday Poem: Still Dancing”

Sunday Poem: Through Glass

Through Glass She is walking through the doorStepping over cracked floorboardsTo her place near the window,To watch a world through glassPassing by, safe on the other side. Her fingers can touch cold glass,Obliterate the figures walkingAbout their own small livesAlong pavements far below. She could wipe out a world,One by one, by one.The sound ofContinue reading “Sunday Poem: Through Glass”

Sunday Poem: Those Darker Nights

Those Darker Nights We do not see such things as signs.We do not look up to see the sky,To choose foretellings of catastropheFrom the movements within the spheres. In our heavens, we see only distancesNot the fates of lovers, or of nations.We will not allow ourselves to be So easily led to a saviour thisContinue reading “Sunday Poem: Those Darker Nights”

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