Crusade! This Time It’s Personal!

Hollywood Historical Pictures Proudly Present – Crusade! This Time It’s Personal! Embonpoint Earnestcleavage is Rychard The Lionheart in Crusade! This Time It’s Personal! This Major Motion-Picture tells the heart-rending, but empowering and uplifting, TRUE story of one of the greatest events in world history: The Crusades! Starring: Embonpoint Earnestcleavage as Rychard The Lionheart For theContinue reading “Crusade! This Time It’s Personal!”

Animal Rights Action

Earlier today a spokeswoman for PFFAR (People For Fluffiness Against Rationality), the ‘animal rights’ activists announced that overnight they had broken into Tewkesbury University and liberated over fifty “‘so-called’ students” from its science departments. “These ‘students’, the spokeswoman,” Gully Usefulidiot, claimed, “are used by the evil university to partake in unnecessary and pointless ‘learning’. SomeContinue reading “Animal Rights Action”

All-Nude Chicken-Intriguing

Nasturtium Cheeseincident (1945 – 2008) began as a Chicken-Intriguer of the old school. She first learnt the ancient and noble art of Chicken-Intriguing at the knee, ankle and – on one memorable occasion – elbow, of the semi-legendary Great High Trilobite of Chicken-Intriguing – Gerrymander Ankletrouser, an adept at the once lost art of Turkey-Perplexing,Continue reading “All-Nude Chicken-Intriguing”

God Condemns ‘So-Called Intelligent Design’

At a press conference called earlier today, a being claiming to be God severely criticised and denounced the cod-scientific movement known as Intelligent Design (ID), claiming ‘it has absolutely nothing to do with me at all. Self-replicating DNA, evolving organisms with random mutation – I mean, come on people, it is so obvious.’ He wentContinue reading “God Condemns ‘So-Called Intelligent Design’”

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