No More Heroes

‘Hang on.’ ‘What now?’ ‘What about my backstory?’ ‘Your… what?’ ‘My backstory. How did I get here?’ ‘You came through that door. You ought to remember, it was only a paragraph ago.’ Tara, the protagonist sighed. ‘No not that. My character, how did I get to become the world’s greatest secret agent?’ ‘Do we haveContinue reading “No More Heroes”

The Rise of the Robots

It may look like that in a certain light, but then what do you expect these days? They – whoever they are – say you get what you pay for, and I’m certainly paying for it now. As you are too… probably, if you made the same mistake. After all, the adverts promised a life-changingContinue reading “The Rise of the Robots”

Offendatron 5000

These days it is growing increasingly difficult for people to keep up with social media, especially if they have accounts on more than one platform. For most people, this is not much of a problem as most of their social media consists of liking cat pictures and standing in front of their own camera inContinue reading “Offendatron 5000”

Anti-Social Media

Dolequeue Stringdiseases is probably best known these days as the inventor of the social media site GetOutofMyFace. GetOutofMyFace is probably the least welcoming and most toxic of the social media sites. But that was Stringdiseases great insight. This insight made him a multibillionaire at the relatively young age – even for Silicon Valley – ofContinue reading “Anti-Social Media”

The Magic of Television

Penumbra Psychollama is the world’s leading exponent of the art of understanding just why people all around the world watch so much junk TV. She first began her studies at a very young age watching cheap mass produced made-for-TV cartoons on a children’s channel at the age of four. This she claims enabled her toContinue reading “The Magic of Television”

The Great Trailer Mystery

Everyone knows that trailers ruin TV programmes by showing all the good bits and destroying narrative tension. For so long now, people have wondered why this happens, despite the number of times viewers have complained about both showing trailers and the ubiquity of them. Many trailers only show all the good bits – for example,Continue reading “The Great Trailer Mystery”

The Theory of Pie

In the past, people often thought the universe was unchanging and eternal… at least until the invention of the pie. Philosophers, after Plato, thought this world was somehow an imperfect copy of some ideal existence. This world was a mere shadow cast on the cave wall, of the perfect world. But as Francis Bacon discoveredContinue reading “The Theory of Pie”

How Cheese Made Civilisation Possible

Many people these days are familiar with how evolutionary psychology has shaped the human mind. For back in the early years, when humans were small groups of hunter gatherers, there was little or no naturally occurring cheese to be found. Those who did discover the natural cheese deposits began to mine it and develop theContinue reading “How Cheese Made Civilisation Possible”

The Device and its Uses

Sometimes it is easier to tell which way up it is by the noise it makes. But having said that, be careful to always replace it back on the stand provided. After all, you don’t want to get the blame when one of the attachments falls off and rolls under the bed when she isContinue reading “The Device and its Uses”

How Computers Became Ubiquitous

Fumigate Sockdrawer became the world’s foremost computer scientists at an unusually young age. He developed one of the leading software programs that became essential for every computer in the home or workplace in the early years of the internet. Sockdrawer was also instrumental in the growth of the internet from a hobbyist pastime to theContinue reading “How Computers Became Ubiquitous”

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