Going for a Walk

Far be it from me – about 1473 miles as the crow flies providing there is no French air traffic control strike – to make any such claim as to the veracity of what is about to be now undertaken. But occasionally these things need to be aired and aired in public. That is whatContinue reading “Going for a Walk”

The Great Breakfast War

Sir Haberdashery Parkingrestrictions was probably the most famous English knight during the long and bloody time of the Twenty-Seven Year, Two Months and Five Weeks War that raged across Europe towards the end of the Middle-Ages. It was Henry VIII’s need to get his leg over in a legitimate way that led to England’s breakContinue reading “The Great Breakfast War”

Undercover Policing and Politics

Not long after the notorious MP Bribery Scandal of the late 1990s, a leading broadsheet newspaper revealed documents that proved there were some honest MPs in the Houses of Parliament. The newspaper claimed to have evidence that some MPs had even refused to be bribed, either by wealthy constituents or by large multinational businesses. SomeContinue reading “Undercover Policing and Politics”

Evil Geniuses and Minion Recruitment

Turnpike Psychoweasel is the CEO of probably the World’s leading employment agency for evil genius minions and henchmen, although, it is – as Psychoweasel himself admits – a rather niche area. However, he does see room for growth in the field. He has grown the company from a small one-man operation that hired out bodyguardsContinue reading “Evil Geniuses and Minion Recruitment”

Dinosaurs and Evolution

Legin Hokeycokey is a leading palaeontologist who has come up with a revolutionary new theory about what happened to the dinosaurs after the comet impact that nearly wiped out all of them. Palaeontologist have agreed for some time now that modern birds are the direct descendants of the dinosaurs, but controversially Hokeycokey claims that theContinue reading “Dinosaurs and Evolution”

The UK’s Leading Underwater Diversity Co-Ordinator

Splashguard Toadundergarments was, until his unfortunate accident, the UK’s leading underwater diversity co-ordinator. As we all know, it is the dedicated work of this country’s selfless diversity co-ordinators that has made this country into what it is now. They have worked hard and selflessly to ensure that people not matter what race, creed, background, ethnicity,Continue reading “The UK’s Leading Underwater Diversity Co-Ordinator”

The Greatest State Banquet of Our Time

Rhomboid Dietaryrequirements is probably the UK’s leading celebrity chef. His TV programme, Dietaryrequirements Cooks a Bit of Dinner is probably the most popular non-naked cookery programme on the television these days. Recently he produced a state banquet for the Queen and several European heads of state to celebrate the invention of the spoon. For thatContinue reading “The Greatest State Banquet of Our Time”

Politics and Science

Pigeonhat Goatannoyer is credited with developing the first sustainable energy source that actually works, and is environmentally less damaging than the rotating bird slaughterers that once littered our countryside until a stiff breeze knocked them all over. Of course, for many years, scientists have seen how much energy is wasted on politics. As they becameContinue reading “Politics and Science”

Rights for Vegetables Now!

Pindrop Weaselpanties first came to public attention when he began espousing Human Rights for Vegetables. Not only did he believe that all living animals should have the same rights as humans in law, he also argued that it was the right of every plant too to stand for election. As he successfully argued in theContinue reading “Rights for Vegetables Now!”

UK Population to be Phased Out

Pendulous Toadmembranes is the judge charged with leading a Public Inquiry requested by the British Prime Minister. It will be an inquiry into why the British general public are not quite as grateful to the great and good of this land as that great and good feel is their due. Many of those at theContinue reading “UK Population to be Phased Out”

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