A Dire Threat to the Entire Political system

Ungulate Tramdepot first rose to almost total obscurity in the UK as a backbench member of parliament. Due to his complete inability to do anything useful or worthwhile, he soon achieved promotion to the cabinet. However, no long after this Tramdepot was expelled from the government, as well as both parliament and his own partyContinue reading “A Dire Threat to the Entire Political system”

Celebrity Wildlife Preservation

Spoonfed Droopyweasel is better known these days as an activist for the rights of politicians. Although back in her younger years, she was one of the leading theatre actresses of her time. She starred in many experimental plays, which – luckily – have been lost in the mists of time. However, it was when researchingContinue reading “Celebrity Wildlife Preservation”

A Revolutionary for Our Time

Protractor Angleiron is, these days, best known in the UK as a former leading member of the International Cheese Brigade (ICB). This was one of the most notorious terrorist organisations of the 1970s. This group were particularly responsible for the infamous Dutch Edam Hostage Siege of 1973 and the Red Leicester bombings the year after.Continue reading “A Revolutionary for Our Time”

Celebrities in Space

Recently, a poll voted Podule Slingback as the celebrity most people would like to see launched into space on a one-way trip. However, such is the massive ego of such celebrity; he immediately claimed that he would be willing to give it a go. ‘I’m sure my many fans would dearly love for me toContinue reading “Celebrities in Space”

Politics and Basic Prevention Measures

Spasmodic Troutinverter is well-known in the UK as one of the country’s leading politicians. This means that most people when they see him out in the street or in any other public place immediately take their children to a place of safety and hide themselves until the all-clear sounds. For a long time now, ordinaryContinue reading “Politics and Basic Prevention Measures”

World Held to Ransom

Pingpong Diskpartition is – of course – chief head-boss CEO of the world’s leading producer of computer operating systems. Naturally, he is – thus – on the Most Wanted lists of all the world’s security services. Speaking from a secret island location today, Diskpartition issued a stark warning to the world. He claimed that hisContinue reading “World Held to Ransom”

Cheese Dancing and its Dangers

  Obviously, those of us without a regular cheese dancing partner, or any access to a polka-compatible edam, or a foxtrot-ready Cheshire cheese, all feel somehow deprived. Especially as the new season of the BBC’s hit cheese dancing show gets underway again. The cheese-dancing phenomenon has taken the whole country and all generations by storm.Continue reading “Cheese Dancing and its Dangers”

EU Harmonisation And Its Drawbacks

Afterwards, she put it all away, back into the special cupboard, and we went back to our normal lives. At least, I did after I’d taken the wild haggis back to the glen and set it free as we’d promised. I stood there, at the foot of Ben y-Hill, watching the wild haggis as itContinue reading “EU Harmonisation And Its Drawbacks”

Making The Best Of It With Leftovers

Well, there we were. Which was useful. Otherwise, we would have been here, and it is not much fun being here without at least a couple of sandwiches and a drink. After all, we are here for the long haul. As it were…. Or, even as it probably still is. Anyway, we came to thisContinue reading “Making The Best Of It With Leftovers”

The Evil Plan

It began. Well, it would have begun, if he could get the parts. They were out of stock as usual. ‘Not much call for that sort of thing, these days, squire.’ The assistant shrugged. The Docktor had thought he could get what he needed on the internet. After all, he thought, you can get everythingContinue reading “The Evil Plan”

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