Illicit Use Of The Meringue Nest

Anyway, she said it was compatible, and – after all – who am I to argue? Even after that mistake with the meringue nests. However, I did point out to her that – at the time – UK legislation specifically outlawed the erotic use of meringue nests. This came about mainly because of the notoriousContinue reading “Illicit Use Of The Meringue Nest”

Something for the Weekend – Free Kindle Humour: The Theory of Car Parks

  The Theory of Car Parks Available FREE for the next 5 days for the Kindle: Here (UK) or Here (US) The title piece of this great new collection features an historical appreciation of the great car park theorist; Heinrich Von Rectangle, his life, work and tragic untimely end. In over a hundred other essays,Continue reading “Something for the Weekend – Free Kindle Humour: The Theory of Car Parks”

Roadside Experiments

  Well, there she was. Which was not ideal, for if she was over here then I wouldn’t have had to shout against a background of heavy traffic noise. So, I believe she can hardly be blamed for any of the subsequent misunderstandings, except of course the incident with the weasel.   However, the weaselContinue reading “Roadside Experiments”

That’s Buggered It

Still, as she said at the time, it is a bit of a bugger. Exactly, how much of a bugger will, of course, depend upon the new unit of measure agreed at the next EU leaders’ summit. There have been some complaints especially by scientists specialising in measurement the definition of the now international standardContinue reading “That’s Buggered It”

The Goat Herder Incident

Apparently, none of the goats herders implicated in the famous case of internet censorship which later became known as The Goat Herder Incident had ever in the past had reason to consort with any Parmesan cheese, shocking as it may seem. Of course, for several years now there has been an increasing number of busybodiesContinue reading “The Goat Herder Incident”

The Failures of Democracy

Of course, democracy does have a lot of problems, but by far its biggest drawback is that it does tend to cause politicians. In the past, this was not so much of a problem as it has since become as the proliferation of the media does seem to have enabled politicians to escape their naturalContinue reading “The Failures of Democracy”

Something Unexpected

This was not what was expected. Although, as it happens it was the officially-designated day for something unexpected to happen. After all, it was discovered by someone involved in the vital Health and Safety field that one of the most common causes of accidents in the workplace was when something unexpected happened. Therefore, in anContinue reading “Something Unexpected”

EU Outlaws Disparagement

Well, as you are no doubt well aware, recent EU legislation has outlawed disparaging comments made against any woodland creatures, indigenous or otherwise. In some parts of the EU, which used to be separate countries until they were subsumed by the ever-hungry bureaucratic morass that is the EU’s governing bodies, there has been a longContinue reading “EU Outlaws Disparagement”

The Undead and Allied Trades

  And breathe…. Or not, if you are a fully-paid up member of the Undead and Allied Trades Association. Since the incorporation into EU employment law of legislation outlawing discrimination against those who are no longer alive. It has become clear that the rate of unemployment amongst the Undead still remains stubbornly higher than theContinue reading “The Undead and Allied Trades”

The Accordion Incident

  Now, well I didn’t want to mention it, but certain recent events have now made it inevitable. It now seems that, despite all over fervent attempts to forestall it, soon it will be possible – under immanent EU legislation – for anyone to walk around the streets, roads and byways of this once-great landContinue reading “The Accordion Incident”

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