Thursday Poem: Out of Touch

Out of Touch Your hands could carve the shape of herfrom empty air and memoryand take her back with youto all those remembered placesto unmake all those mistakes you made. She could grow from within this emptinessinto solidity, and you could walk together again.Time and memory would no longerhold you prisoner for another hollow day.Continue reading “Thursday Poem: Out of Touch”

Thursday Poem: We Wear These Lives

  We Wear These Lives We are here, but this is not what we want and here is not the place. You are not quite who I was looking for, and I am not what you want. This place is not the place we expected to be. We wear these usual lives while we waitContinue reading “Thursday Poem: We Wear These Lives”

Thursday Poem: The Shadows Unfold

  The Shadows Unfold Here everything you’ve ever known. lies on the ground in front of you. You cannot turn away and look towards a new bright day out there. We have seen all we have seen, yet it throws its shadows dark across the walls of all our minds, unable to break these chainsContinue reading “Thursday Poem: The Shadows Unfold”

Thursday Poem: A New Promise

A New Promise Do not be fooled by this new promise.I have made such promises before. And I know I cannot be trusted.See, I have these shifty eyes and the questionable motivesyour mother, long ago,warned you about. I have no intention of keeping my word.Words to me are just tools to use to enable meContinue reading “Thursday Poem: A New Promise”

Thursday Poem: The Promise of All We Desired

  The Promise of All We Desired In the darkness, hands reach out for the safety of another’s warming skin. The reassuring touch of breathing flesh pressing back against tentative fingertips To give comfort against the dark and the lonely ticking of the clock no-one can ever turn back to those earlier days when lifeContinue reading “Thursday Poem: The Promise of All We Desired”

Thursday Poem: Within Constraints

  Within Constraints Formal arrangements are made, so we Know of our place within them. We do not have to step outside What is required or what is expected. We move within constraints And only in acceptable ways To do what is required, no more Beyond what is deemed appropriate For our station and situation.Continue reading “Thursday Poem: Within Constraints”

Thursday Poem: The Restless Wind

  The Restless Wind All that will remain will be dust on the futile crying wind. We will all turn to dust as our words crack and dry blown far from our thoughts by the always restless wind. All we have is the dry cracked heat and the empty silence of wind-blown words that sayContinue reading “Thursday Poem: The Restless Wind”

Thursday Poem: This Delicate World

  This Delicate World We go, just you and I, to look upon this delicate bright world, bend close and peer into all that is not so easily described. We think it would be wrong to give a name to what we see when it remains as something like a mystery, not taken so easilyContinue reading “Thursday Poem: This Delicate World”

Thursday Poem: The Space Between Words

  The Space Between Words Just some more words to fill up the endless white emptiness that spreads out from this page, out into the infinite space that lies between all our words. The space between these words we can fall through and go on falling forever without ever reaching a place we can landContinue reading “Thursday Poem: The Space Between Words”

Thursday Poem: If Left Unnamed

  If Left Unnamed If left out there, unnamed, it can’t escape Evade definitions and then return Becoming something new and giving names To that unnamed and hidden sense of dread That turns all days to nights and nights to fears Which haunt each dream, and grow from shadowed dark To walk though memory andContinue reading “Thursday Poem: If Left Unnamed”

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