Stanley Knife and Florence Nightgown

The field could be anything they wanted it to be. It could be a football pitch, a lonesome prairie, an alien planet, an unexplored jungle, a battlefield; it could change from day to day, or even hour to hour. But whatever the field was, the small copse of hawthorn trees was always the camp. AdamContinue reading “Stanley Knife and Florence Nightgown”

Stories like Lives

We let these things go because they are too hard to hold onto. We let the days slip between our fingers and swim off down the river of time into the endless sea of the past. We let lovers slip away into the night, leaving only the echoes of themselves fading from our fingertips asContinue reading “Stories like Lives”

Time will Tell

Time will tell. Time will tell you everything, if you have the time to sit and listen. Sitting there, in that chair, listening to just the tick of the clock on the mantelpiece, he learnt all the secrets of the universe. He learnt how to move through time and space, to visit the past andContinue reading “Time will Tell”

The White Attic Room

Carla’s room was right at the top of the house. It was small, under the sloping roof with angled odd-shaped windows set into the roof. She took me by the hand and led me there. It was an odd-shaped room, seemingly with more corners than walls. It was obviously some kind of afterthought, shaped outContinue reading “The White Attic Room”

Monday Poem: A Marker

A Marker It will all end here, a few stones piled upto signify another pair of handsthat reached out, but they could not touch the world which lies just out of reach of stretching fingersthat need to hold onto this world that twists so easily from the grasp, evades each handthat reaches out towards it,Continue reading “Monday Poem: A Marker”

World Enough and Time… and a Bag of Chips

Ah, but, if we only had world enough and time… oh, and a bag of chips, then perhaps we could see what has become of our lives. There was a time… but then I’m sure you remember that, especially when you dropped your bag of chips due to the passion of the moment. Anyway, thoseContinue reading “World Enough and Time… and a Bag of Chips”

The End of the Chapter

She saw. That was enough. Now she understood. She closed the door. She walked away. She closed that chapter on her life with that closing door. She walked for a while, for hours. She walked along down by the river with the autumn wind blowing her red-gold hair around her face as it blew theContinue reading “The End of the Chapter”

Stories on the Wind

There were times when there were stories blowing on the wind. There were once times when it seemed there was a tale lying over every hill and each horizon hid legends and myths beyond the rising or setting sun. There were times when these lands seemed full of stories and each traveller carried with themContinue reading “Stories on the Wind”

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