About the Shadowed Places

She knew about the shadowed places. She knew there were places in the shadows and dark corners of this world that could lead off to other places set at an angle to this world. She knew that to pass through those shadows and dark places could bring her out into a world not like thisContinue reading “About the Shadowed Places”

In the Dark of Morning

Then there are those mornings when the alarm drags us out of the night while it is still dark. We huddle tight against each other to keep the cold at bay while we try to hang on to those scraps of dreams that somehow promised a life better than this. A life where I didContinue reading “In the Dark of Morning”

The Disappearing

Sometimes it gets too hard to hold onto the world. Things lose their shape, become indistinct and their edges fade away. Sometimes whole areas of this world disappear. I have lost houses, streets, villages and even towns and cities sometimes. All just disappearing and leaving no trace. Sometimes the buildings disappear, leaving just roads thatContinue reading “The Disappearing”

The Naked Unicyclist of fate

The naked unicyclist of fate is travelling from door to door of your hopes and memories, soliciting funds to finance the building of a sculpture representing all your failed dreams of a better life than this. Meanwhile the small furry rodents of time are deserting all the sinking ships that were to take you acrossContinue reading “The Naked Unicyclist of fate”

The Big Laugh Theory

Still, you have to laugh, don’t you, even if it is only at the misfortunes of others. At least that way we get to feel some sort of distance from those very misfortunes. Almost as if the laughter is some charm or ritual that will prevent those same, or similar, things happening to us instead.Continue reading “The Big Laugh Theory”

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