It’s Obvious

Obviously, the obvious thing to do here would be to start the sentence with obviously. Or would that be not quite so obvious as you’d think? After all, sometimes the obvious thing to do is not quite so obvious. Sometimes the obvious can be quite unexpected when someone is expecting the unexpected. As the actressContinue reading “It’s Obvious”

Mr Careful

It was back in those olden days where men were men and women sighed, but not often enough in the ways that those men hoped. Still, though, many a man would mount his mighty war steed and after doing that thing with the manual choke so the engine didn’t flood, he’d ride off to doContinue reading “Mr Careful”

Getting to the Point

It is hard sometimes. But this is not the correct forum to discuss that. Anyway, moving on… Actually, it isn’t that hard that often these days. But you don’t want to hear about that. As I was about to say… I suppose it is an age thing. After all, when it was young there wasContinue reading “Getting to the Point”

Making This Country Great Again

It doesn’t matter… not anymore. There was a time when this world seemed in need of saving. I knew I was the one who could save it. I was the one – the only one – who understood it like no other. I was the only one who saw through the mists and fogs thatContinue reading “Making This Country Great Again”

No Inspiration

‘When do we start? After all there is a completely blank page waiting for us.’ Well, there was. Until you started. ‘What do you mean? You are the one doing the typing. You are the writer. I’m just a character.’ I was going to write something completely different, at least until you popped up onContinue reading “No Inspiration”

One Day I’ll Get Around to It

Even then, it doesn’t always go to plan. Not that you’ve ever got around to making a plan. Of course, you’ve read all those self-help books promising to make you a better you, but you’ve never had the time to do anything they suggest, and that better you has always remained just over the horizonContinue reading “One Day I’ll Get Around to It”

Everything Comes Back to Time

There is time. There is always time. At least, until one day there isn’t. That was what Glench thought. For a while… well, for most of his life up until it happened. No, that wasn’t true. Glench shook his head and tried to remember which of the two glasses was the one he was drinkingContinue reading “Everything Comes Back to Time”

I Can’t Remember Her Name

I thought I’d forgotten her. I didn’t think about her for days, not about the way she stretched first thing in the morning as though the day couldn’t start without her. I didn’t think of the way she’d laugh at herself when she did something wrong, or forgot why she’d come into the room. IContinue reading “I Can’t Remember Her Name”

On the Run

When time almost feels solid, as though it’s possible to heap up each second into a pile of minutes until those minutes become hours and those hours turn into days. Each second of our time together seemed special, precious. I wanted each of those seconds to be some shining jewel of a moment I couldContinue reading “On the Run”

Unfolding the Worlds

Maybe I should think of something else. Maybe I should let these days flow into some other river. Maybe I should walk along different riverbanks. Maybe I should get away from this place. Maybe it is time to find somewhere else, either in this world or some other new one I have not seen before.Continue reading “Unfolding the Worlds”

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