A Great Revolutionary

Racecar Palindrome became a revolutionary, he later said, at the age of seven, when he first realised he was not in any way related to his valet. He claimed it was an eye-opening experience to find that his family employed people to look after them, rather than go through the tedious business of having toContinue reading “A Great Revolutionary”

Grand Uncle Stagnant and the Summer of Love

Way back in the late 1960s Grand Uncle Stagnant was at the forefront (even when he was standing at the back of the crowd, due to him being such a proudly upstanding gentleman) of the Free Love movement. So keen was Grand Uncle Stagnant on Free Love, that he immediately stopped issuing invoices as soonContinue reading “Grand Uncle Stagnant and the Summer of Love”

Never Raced or Rallied

The horse stared at him. Gench looked away. He’d never got the hang of animals. He felt they always had a look of contempt or dismissiveness about them whenever they looked at him, as if thinking Gench was the lesser beast. Sometimes, Gench thought they were probably right. ‘How much?’ The merchant looked up andContinue reading “Never Raced or Rallied”

Grand Uncle Stagnant and the Summer of Love

Grand Uncle Stagnant and the Summer of Love Available here (UK) or here (US) Yet more outpourings and ejaculations from Norbert Trouser-Quandary’s notably upstanding organ, featuring more tales of the doings and goings-on in that most delightfully perverted of England’s rural villages: Little Frigging in the Wold. This volume of tales from Little Frigging featuresContinue reading “Grand Uncle Stagnant and the Summer of Love”

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