The Pandatoe Conundrum

Jumpstart Pandatoe first noticed the phenomenon that has come to bear her name at quite a young age. Back then, she used to pay attention to the news programmes whenever they came on TV, which was unusual in a youngster, as people only really start paying attention to the news when they are too oldContinue reading “The Pandatoe Conundrum”

Dancing Celebrity Prime Minister on Ice

Wheelarch Sellbydate is probably the first-ever British Prime Minister, who is also a celebrity ice dancer. Recently, the 2015 General election recorded the lowest-ever national turnout of only 3 people. One of whom had mistaken the polling booth for a public urinal. As a result, the entire UK population decided that something must be doneContinue reading “Dancing Celebrity Prime Minister on Ice”

Friday Funny: Missilesilo’s All-Nude Tool Show

Dobbin Missilesilo is probably the world’s most famous male porn star. It was not until the invention of widescreen TVs, however, that his career took off. He starred in every ep[isode of the award-winning Swedish Plumber Holds His Pipe Vols: 1 – 325 series. His co-star in those films, Doxy Fingerlicker said, ‘it took theContinue reading “Friday Funny: Missilesilo’s All-Nude Tool Show”

The World’s Greatest Video Game of All Time

Spindizzy Rainbowisland is, of course, the UK’s leading video game designer. His massive worldwide hit from 2008 Grand Accountancy Audit: VAT Return is one of the biggest selling computer games of all time. In addition, the game is a great critical success and marketing franchise. Based loosely on the hit film The Justice League ofContinue reading “The World’s Greatest Video Game of All Time”

Video Game Outrage

Yesterday, there were further call in the media for greater controls over computer and video games. The controversy centres around the latest game in the very popular Call Of Gardening franchise: Call Of Gardening 4: This Time It’s Begonias. The furore erupted yesterday when several of the UK’s tabloid newspapers revealed what happens in theContinue reading “Video Game Outrage”

How To Do The Sex When You Are Old And Knackered

At least, we had the custard ready. Even so, she was somewhat reluctant to disrobe fully before the apple crumble was in the dish. Still, once we had the hang of the instructions it all went as well as we expected. Perhaps next time will be even better, especially if we remember to warm theContinue reading “How To Do The Sex When You Are Old And Knackered”

The Sensual Kitchen

Of course, Rupertina Dumplings was one of the first in the country to try it. She has since her early days as a TV chef always had a keen interest in the erotic possibilities inherent in the everyday world. For instance, Dumplings was the first to take the erotic possibilities of the egg-whisk seriously. This,Continue reading “The Sensual Kitchen”

For Personal Use Only

Obviously it doesn’t always work as it should, but then what can you expect at that sort of price? Especially when the so-called optional attachments appear to be essential to the operation of the unit. The thing itself without those ‘optional attachments’ then turns into little more than a conversation piece. Although, considering that theContinue reading “For Personal Use Only”

The Newcomers

I suppose it had to happen one day. But we didn’t expect it here, not yet, not so soon. Some of them arrived a few weeks ago and set up home down on the shore, not all that far from where we live. Shallan said it was the end, that everything was over now forContinue reading “The Newcomers”

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