At the Well

There was a time when I used to watch for them. I could tell them by that look in their eyes. They had a look of disappointment in them. As though the world they looked upon was not the world they’d hoped for, or wanted. I saw so many of them in the villages goingContinue reading “At the Well”

When the Future Comes

Spending too much time looking back runs the risk of tripping and falling into the future. Shella was not ready for the world to come to her out of the yet to come. She was too busy looking back over her shoulder, fearing the Northmen would come for her, riding out of her nightmares ofContinue reading “When the Future Comes”

Plankton Thermocline’s Underwater Adventures

Plankton Thermocline was one of the late 20th century’s greatest explorers. We all remember watching Plankton Thermocline’s Underwater Adventures. This series was one of the first to show the delights and wonders of the underwater world in full colour on our TVs. With his custom designed wellies, Thermocline splashed around in some of the deepestContinue reading “Plankton Thermocline’s Underwater Adventures”

Putting Your Shirt on It

However, if she is reading, it is better to leave her undisturbed, especially if she is reading one of those books apparently about a muscular young man desperately in need of a shirt. Just why there are so many young men – apparently both historically and in the contemporary world – who seem to lackContinue reading “Putting Your Shirt on It”

Deep-Sea Perversions

Of course, being in the heart of rural England means that we here at Little Frigging do not have all that much call for deep-sea perversions, at least during the normal run of events. Such things as multi-porpoise lubricants, codpieces and squid restraints are not often discussed, even during the late night sessions down atContinue reading “Deep-Sea Perversions”

When the Pipe Leaks

However…. In these situations, it is advisable not to jump to what appears to be the obvious conclusion. After all, there could be a more reasonable explanation. Obviously, as she said at the time, when you call in a plumber to deal with a water leak, he is bound to get wet. So it doesContinue reading “When the Pipe Leaks”

Village Green Orgies And The English Summer

Obviously, during a typical British summer, especially a barbecue summer as faithfully promised by our weather forecasters, it is advisable not to try to hold an open-air orgy on the village green, certainly not without snorkels and flippers. Admittedly, an open-air orgy in snorkels and flippers does have a great deal to recommend it, especiallyContinue reading “Village Green Orgies And The English Summer”

The Immersion of the Teeb Hags

Now, as we stand at the very edge of the Little Frigging village boundary, near the river Teeb, we are ready to partake in a picturesque ceremony dating right back to the invention of tourism. The river Teeb is notable for the number of witches dunked in it during the witch-finding frenzies of the lateContinue reading “The Immersion of the Teeb Hags”

Can’t Stand the Rain

Plunk, the new weather god, sat at his desk. There were piles of paper to the right of him and piles of paper to the left of him. He hadn’t seen that much paper since the village feast when they’d all eaten some dodgy meat and the privies had used up every book in theContinue reading “Can’t Stand the Rain”

While the Rain Keeps Falling

He looked out of the window. It was blue out there, with the thick fluffy clouds below looking substantial enough to walk on. Although, even Plunk knew better than to try that… now. As his assigned guardian angel, Betty, had said after she’d saved him, ‘even you gods are not that immortal.’ Plunk remembered, shivering.Continue reading “While the Rain Keeps Falling”

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