Spoilt For Choice

I never did get around to using Napster back in its heyday, although I did use something called Audiogalaxy, a broadly similar sort of thing, for a while – until my (by today’s standard miniscule 3GB) HD was filled up with songs. This short period of almost anarchic free downloading happened to coincide with aContinue reading “Spoilt For Choice”

Recent Publications (to 26/11/2007)

[The previous Recent Publications Post.] I had hoped to do this update more often, but circumstances have not been too good, of late. However, here is everything published since March 2007. Poem: A Sign – Cauldron Issue 316 Spring/Summer 2007 Poem: She Is – ABCTales magazine No. 5 October 2007 My recent ABCTales publications are:Continue reading “Recent Publications (to 26/11/2007)”

On Why This Blog Has Been Silent For So Long

Boredom with the whole blog ‘concept’, I suppose. Regurgitating half-chewed globs of ‘news’ from the msm and them adding a snide comment or two on to the beginning or end of it has lost its novelty value for me. However, this (long) piece from The Register – an interview with Adam Curtis touches on manyContinue reading “On Why This Blog Has Been Silent For So Long”

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