The Authorial Voice

‘Well?’ She stood, arms folded, staring at me. ‘Well, what?’ ‘You’re the author. You tell me.’ ‘Do I have to?’ ‘Yes. I would have thought you would know that.’ She looked around at the blank page behind her. ‘Could you describe a chair for me? I could do with a sit down.’ ‘Sorry. Yes, ofContinue reading “The Authorial Voice”

The House of Ill-Repute

‘So, what can I do for you… gentlemen?’ The woman stood arms folded just inside the doorway. Sergeant Henk looked over his shoulder. The rest of the squad sidled away from the doorway towards the corner of the street. Sergeant Henk glanced over his other shoulder. ‘Sir?’ ‘What now, Henk?’ The new captain sauntered acrossContinue reading “The House of Ill-Repute”

Going Back Home

‘Oh, yes. I had one of those wizards in the back of my cart once.’ ‘Really?’ Grenk’s neck felt hot. He could tell the carter wasn’t impressed by wizards. Grenk was glad his official wizarding hat was in his travelling trunk, now balanced precariously on the load of… well, the load of whatever it wasContinue reading “Going Back Home”

Coffee Time

My coffee had almost gone. I glanced up and out of the café window. The snow was still coming down. I’d have to go out there soon, into the snow, back to the office. I couldn’t be late again, not twice in one week. She dropped into the chair on the opposite side of myContinue reading “Coffee Time”

One Last Time Around

It was dark. Dark and wet. Although, by now the rain had stopped. It was chilly too, now that summer was turning slowly into winter. ‘It’s dark.’ ‘Yes,’ Signaur agreed. ‘And wet.’ ‘Yes.’ Signaur hissed. ‘I’m supposed to be being quiet.’ ‘Sorry.’ ‘It’s-‘ Signaur turned. ‘Who are you?’ He turned a bit more. ‘Where areContinue reading “One Last Time Around”

Always Remember His Name

Another day, another scene. Or, if he was unlucky enough, and the writer got into the flow, a complete bloody chapter. He was getting too old for this. Back when he started, it seemed like an exciting career choice, glamorous and sexy. To be the protagonist in action thrillers seemed like the dream job. AfterContinue reading “Always Remember His Name”

Just One More Lifetime

‘I do know. I was young once too.’ Penna had actually been young more than once. Quite a few times actually. But these were simple folk with a simple outlook on life who tended to set fire to things – or people – they did not understand. Penna had found that out a few ofContinue reading “Just One More Lifetime”

Each Day was a Gift

Helda opened each day like a gift. I left the morning there for her outside her room before she awoke. It was there waiting for her when she opened her eyes. At first, she would stand there by her window watching the morning unfold in front of her as though it was some new wonderContinue reading “Each Day was a Gift”

Another Morning in the Sun Empire

‘Mornings.’ The emperor looked out from his palace balcony at the city below. ‘Your majesty?’ Pelgrin sighed. It wasn’t going to be one of those days, was it? The emperor had once glanced at a couple of pages in a book and therefore occasionally fancied himself an intellectual. The emperor turned as if he wasContinue reading “Another Morning in the Sun Empire”

Making a Living

Henry peered around the corner. There was nothing there. Which was disconcerting. Henry didn’t like stepping out onto a new page without at least a sentence or two of description, especially this early in a chapter. Who knows what will eventually fill the blank page, particularly so early in a story. So far, he hadContinue reading “Making a Living”

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