Wednesday Story: Socks

Socks Martin could hear the sound of distant drawers from the bedroom upstairs, Sally opening them; noisily rummaging through them and then ramming them shut again. “Socks! I said: socks!” Sally yelled down the stairs. “Socks?” Martin replied walking across to the bottom of the stairs and looking up. Sally appeared on the landing andContinue reading “Wednesday Story: Socks”

Wednesday Story: If I Show You A Flower

If I Show You A Flower “If I take your hand, and lead you away from here,” she said, looking up at his face. “If we walk together through shady, sun-dappled places, talking easily of things that matter to us, will you come willingly?” “I think I will have to,” Mike said. Rosemary nodded once,Continue reading “Wednesday Story: If I Show You A Flower”

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