The Beast of the Fog

Something crawls out from the realm of possibility. The fog lies deep, solid over the sea. There is nothing to see except the still water with muted waves lying below the greyness of the heavy cloud. It is as though the clouds have real weight, pressing down on the sea, ironing out the waves toContinue reading “The Beast of the Fog”

Her Map and Her Destination

Another day, another time, movement towards something that lies beyond the horizon of knowing. Dawn had a map of the route she could take across the lands and the seas. A route sketched across lands that were mainly guesswork and supposition and seas that were just blank expanses, apart from the imaginary monsters. She didContinue reading “Her Map and Her Destination”

The Mists of the Forgotten Seas

Far across the Forgotten Seas, there lies a country lost in the mists of distance. Few travellers ever arrived there, and fewer returned to tell their tales. So many sailors’ wives stood for far too long staring out at the horizon, waiting for menfolk who never returned. Those few that did return never lost thatContinue reading “The Mists of the Forgotten Seas”

Alone in the Summer

Summers hold so many secrets, hidden in the deep shadows under the trees and in the verdant undergrowth that grows and spreads to cover the bare ground left by the cruel cold of winter. Helda knew there were places to go where food lay hidden. She knew which of the berries, which of the mushrooms,Continue reading “Alone in the Summer”

The Travellers’ Tales

It was not easy. Jana turned and looked back at the muddy road she’d walked along. This time, when she looked back, the village was out of sight. It was still early morning, but already she could see the smoke from the various fires in the village rising above the treetops into the clear morningContinue reading “The Travellers’ Tales”

A Secret of the Dark Places

This world, though, has so many dark places. It has secrets hidden in the shadows, in those dark corners where no light ever falls. There something moves and grows as it waits for the night to fall. There something lurks, nursing its hunger and waiting to take its revenge on the light and the beingsContinue reading “A Secret of the Dark Places”

Letting the Words Grow

And this? What will it become? What will grow from this? These few words scattered across the page. A hope they will grow into something. A hope they will take shape and form that will grow on down the page into something else, something that goes beyond mere marks on the page. Something that growsContinue reading “Letting the Words Grow”

The Guardians and the Village

From up there, he saw the village spread out below him, just behind the small narrow beach and trapped there between the sea, the cliffs, and the swamp behind the village that kept Shakesbridge separate and isolated. Up here, his ancestors had built the Tower; they claimed to watch out for invasion from the sea.Continue reading “The Guardians and the Village”

Britain’s Leading TV Naturalist

Saladoil Penguincheese is probably the UK’s leading TV naturalist. He has appeared in, and narrated, some of the BBC’s most watched and highest rated natural world documentaries of the last decade. This includes the award-winning Day in the Life of a Discarded Crisp Packet. Most of us on our strolls through the countryside and urbanContinue reading “Britain’s Leading TV Naturalist”

The Revolting Peasantry

‘Is it that bad?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Oh.’ The emperor stared deep into his aviary. Birds he almost understood, in as much as an emperor needed to understand anything. After all, he had advisors for that sort of thing. But people, he did not understand people. He glanced up at the chancellor. ‘Why are they revolting?’ TheContinue reading “The Revolting Peasantry”

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