When the Preacher Called

Reeva had not been the only one from her village. Others too, including her best friend, Shelda, and the boy, Yond, who stared at her across the meeting hall, had also joined. After that night in the meeting hall when the preacher spoke, many of the young – and some not so young – hadContinue reading “When the Preacher Called”

Back When These Words Were Written

These words were left here long ago. That was back in the time when humans used the written word. There are not many left who still know how to read, mostly only enthusiasts and academic experts. Back when these words were written, people used things they called books, huge bulky collections of written words toContinue reading “Back When These Words Were Written”

The Philosophy of Cake

Troglodyte Spelunker is probably these days best known as the ubiquitous historian of Cake on the BBC’s 3.142 channel. For many years, until her recent retirement, Spelunker was the Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Cake Studies at Oxford’s leading catering college. There she specialised in both the history and theory of cakes, in particular, why thereContinue reading “The Philosophy of Cake”

Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah

Do you remember when we used to sing sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah? No? Oh, it’s just me then. Actually, now that I come to think about it, it was just me who sang sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah.Continue reading “Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah”

Hanging Around

There are times when things are not quite as… well, usual as usual. Henna knew as soon as she awoke that something was wrong. It was not just that the grass was blue and the sky was green. An apprentice wise woman tends to get used to the idea that certain substances, certain fumes fromContinue reading “Hanging Around”

The Other Sort Of Magic

It was not that easy, not at the time. Suzi was watching, trying to see just what it was I was doing. But the closer she got, the more intently she watched, the more distracted I became. I thought about asking her to put some clothes on, but then decided I’d much rather be distractedContinue reading “The Other Sort Of Magic”

High on Our Only Hill

High on Our Only Hill Shall we look once at those closed days We shut up and turned our backs on? Should we let them go and watch them fall From some higher tower we have fortified Against all these ravages brought by time And by the vagaries of change and happenstance. To lay siegeContinue reading “High on Our Only Hill”

I Still Get the Headaches

Well, she didn’t say, not in so many words. Usually, though, if she sees a chance of saying something, using many, many words, she takes it. Often with an alacrity surprising in one who otherwise sees little virtue in expending any effort when other alternatives are available. Still, as they used to say in ourContinue reading “I Still Get the Headaches”

The Old Gods and Their Games

It should have been so simple. These are not complicated worlds to create. Human beings, people, are not as sophisticated as they like to believe. After all, they are little more than other animals. They like to think they have minds, but… well, after all, that’s the way I made them. All their delusions, allContinue reading “The Old Gods and Their Games”

Letting the Words Grow

And this? What will it become? What will grow from this? These few words scattered across the page. A hope they will grow into something. A hope they will take shape and form that will grow on down the page into something else, something that goes beyond mere marks on the page. Something that growsContinue reading “Letting the Words Grow”

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