The Many Ways of Truth

Some stories are like that, though, strange in the telling. Some people do not trust stories, thinking them inferior to the real, to what they like to believe is the truth. The truth, though, is never that simple. There are many truths, many ways of seeing the world. Some of those ways are better thanContinue reading “The Many Ways of Truth”

When the Walls Shut Out the World

Reasons hang there in the silence, heavy and ponderous. We feel the weight of them dragging the sky down to the horizon, pulling that horizon closer until we feel its confines around us. There is no escape from the now and the reasons that hold us here, together in a room where the walls keepContinue reading “When the Walls Shut Out the World”

The Blue Notebooks

So many things lie out there, beyond the reach. Each hand reaches out to touch and to hold, hoping for the feel of some human warmth against the cold. Each eye opens, wanting to see the light of possibility pulling the day from the darkness. Each heart beats with the need to go on livingContinue reading “The Blue Notebooks”

New at ABCtales : When She Sang

First, she sang me the song of mornings, giving the sun a tune to rise to. Weaving the words of the day around the early hours as the trees, hills and the day grew out of the morning mists. Then she sang us a love song, using up a few hours of the morning asContinue reading “New at ABCtales : When She Sang”

Word Magic

Just forget everything else. There is nothing here except this empty page that waits. The hesitant footsteps come, slowly, tentative at first like some cautious animal stepping out over the page. These words, like this, have never been here before. Each blank page is something new, something yet to be. The words become like footprintsContinue reading “Word Magic”

The Heyday of Theoretical and Applied Naughtiness

Stalactite Velocipede became the UK’s leading professor of Theoretical and Applied Naughtiness back in the fully-bearded days of the late 1970s. Up until then, of course, there was little in the way of theoretical understanding of the best ways to go about being either rude or naughty. Most people up until then sort of madeContinue reading “The Heyday of Theoretical and Applied Naughtiness”

That Talk of Bravery

The tales and the legends talk about bravery, about the great warriors who saved the day against the odds. They call me brave because of what I did. But I did only what had to be done. There was no other way. If that – having no alternative – is bravery, then I’m sure everyContinue reading “That Talk of Bravery”

A Floating Freedom

A Floating Freedom There are exceptions to all this. There are ways to break free From the hold of this world. A chance to step out into the sky And live among the clouds. A floating freedom taken on the wing. To go only where the winds go. Then – at night – a chanceContinue reading “A Floating Freedom”

When the Nights Grew Too Long

The nights are too long now. There was a time when the nights were short, over with too soon. There was a time when the morning came long before we were ready to meet it. Those were the nights when we came together and stayed in each other’s arms as though clinging together against theContinue reading “When the Nights Grew Too Long”

Out Now! Have a Go (Revised Edition) Kindle Novella

Have a Go [Novella – 17, 500 words approx] [New revised version with a new cover] Out now. Available for the Kindle here (UK) for £1.99 or here (US) for $2.99. All John Russell wanted was a nice cup of tea. But when he accidentally foils an armed bank robbery as he tries to protectContinue reading “Out Now! Have a Go (Revised Edition) Kindle Novella”

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