How Worlds are Created

There are those who think they know how worlds like this come into being. They think they understand how to take this airy nothing and twist it into shape so that the mountains grow out of the flat lands and they think they know those motions of the wrist that can fill this valley withContinue reading “How Worlds are Created”

Feeding the Birds

What does it matter? The words scattered out there, strewn on the barren cold ground like breadcrumbs thrown to the birds. What happens to them then is up to fate, happenstance, chance. Maybe a whole flock of winter hungry birds will descend upon them, gorge themselves to satiation on them, leaving nothing behind as theyContinue reading “Feeding the Birds”

Thursday Poem: A Small Blue Box

A Small Blue Box A small blue box of reasons whyshe holds closed in both handsand carries it to all the placeswhere she lives her own life. Up high on a shelf almost out of reachshe places it carefully hiddenso it cannot be seen by thosewho stumble into her life And then are gone, leavingContinue reading “Thursday Poem: A Small Blue Box”


[….] After the rehearsal, they adjourned to The Pit. Stan went off with Cathy and did whatever it was he did when he was running the place. Matt seemed quiet and thoughtful, again. ‘What’s the matter?’ Spike asked him. ‘I’m just wondering what my parents will say when I tell them what I’m going toContinue reading “High-rise”

Not in this Story

It starts with a sentence. It starts with a moment. It could be the way the bright early morning sunlight catches in her hair when she looks down at the sliver of ground that lies between the two of them. It could be the way he turns and walks away, leaving her alone, her handContinue reading “Not in this Story”

Leaving the Shore Behind

Slowly, we turn back to the life we have left behind, looking back at that far shore that disappears into the mists of memory. There is nothing left there for us now. All the ties of family and place have gone. There is no home there for us now. Those fires that destroyed everything weContinue reading “Leaving the Shore Behind”

The Theological Utilisation of Mayonnaise

‘Even if there are aspects of your life you would like to remain unpondered, it ill behoves us not to draw a veil over that which remains unmayonnaised.’ Of course, nowadays there are few amongst us for whom those would not be very wise words indeed. After all, in this modern world, now mostly freeContinue reading “The Theological Utilisation of Mayonnaise”

Cheese Incident

In this place, we will find the things that are here. If you remember not to place your eggcups in the vicinity of the Stock Exchange, then you can rest assured in the knowledge that your marmalade will only go towards partial fulfilment of the next cheese incident in the manifesto. All of which withoutContinue reading “Cheese Incident”

Monday Poem: A World Grown Strange

A World Grown Strange It is like the aftermath of illness;a slow recovering of how to live.The artful secrets of breathing,the possibility of movement. A return to a world grown strange,just beyond the reach of feeble fingers,which takes time and twists it through visionsthat haunt the dreams of waking. And the awoken world seems lesContinue reading “Monday Poem: A World Grown Strange”

Ripped Dreams

We could hold this secret in our hands, keep it wrapped tight against the cold harsh deprecations of this world. A world that will rip your dreams from you and toss them on the storm winds until they are blown far away and out of reach. This world will tear your dreams from you andContinue reading “Ripped Dreams”

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