Such Things were Possible

Possibly. What is possible and what is not possible. It can happen. There is a possibility of magic on the page. There is a chance that you will see unicorns and there will be faeries down there at the bottom of the garden. Even gods could be real, even the one of impossible contradictions andContinue reading “Such Things were Possible”

She Waited for Me

I did not expect it, or demand it, but she came to me. She sat and waited for me with a patience I could not believe at first. I was not used to such acquiescence. Up until then I had thought that other people couldn’t so freely give of themselves like that, without wanting somethingContinue reading “She Waited for Me”

Thursday Poem: An Epitaph

An Epitaph Words will always change things.The event becomes languagethen disappears behind its mask of words. We know only the words,when everything else has goneonly the words remain.You left me behind here as you walked away.All I had left to holdwere your words of farewelland I never let them go. I took them back homeContinue reading “Thursday Poem: An Epitaph”

The Cold Blank Page

Sometimes it is easier to dive straight into the icy coldness of the blank page, and with a few quick strokes, swim a whole stream of words across the page, leaving it churning, disturbed in your wake. Other times, though, you want to slip into the cold blank page, slowly and carefully, shivering as itsContinue reading “The Cold Blank Page”

Stories like Lives

We let these things go because they are too hard to hold onto. We let the days slip between our fingers and swim off down the river of time into the endless sea of the past. We let lovers slip away into the night, leaving only the echoes of themselves fading from our fingertips asContinue reading “Stories like Lives”

Time will Tell

Time will tell. Time will tell you everything, if you have the time to sit and listen. Sitting there, in that chair, listening to just the tick of the clock on the mantelpiece, he learnt all the secrets of the universe. He learnt how to move through time and space, to visit the past andContinue reading “Time will Tell”

Monday Poem: A Marker

A Marker It will all end here, a few stones piled upto signify another pair of handsthat reached out, but they could not touch the world which lies just out of reach of stretching fingersthat need to hold onto this world that twists so easily from the grasp, evades each handthat reaches out towards it,Continue reading “Monday Poem: A Marker”

Crawl into the Mind

What if all of this was nothing at all? What if it was less substantial than one of those dreams you leave behind on your morning pillow when you step out of that bedroom to face the day? After all, this is only words, mere marks on the screen, scratches on paper and movements inContinue reading “Crawl into the Mind”

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