Into the Promise

Into the Promise We go hand in hand and we need Nakedness and cold water to awaken us. It comes down from the mountain Where it lies through the winter as snow. In spring it flows with the promise Of waiting and we go down to the river To meet it. Together we will diveContinue reading “Into the Promise”

A Proper Story

So this was it? He looked around, even though there was not that much to see. He’d been the protagonist in a few of this author’s stories before. He had a fair idea of how it would begin. He knew he would more than likely survive, and get the girl too. This author was notContinue reading “A Proper Story”

The 24-Hour Emergency Amusing Anecdote Service

Slicedwhite Filingcabinet is probably best known these days as the UK’s leading Interesting Person. For some years, he has been a frequent guest on those TV show that have regular guests, mainly as a way of deflecting attention away from the inanities of the programme’s host(s). Of course, these guest slots are usually filled withContinue reading “The 24-Hour Emergency Amusing Anecdote Service”

Offensively Outrageous

Of course, it goes without saying that whatever it is that people are deciding to be offended by today is probably not that important in the grand scheme of things. After all, being offended these days is probably the most popular participatory sport in the world, at least in the social media grumbleoshphere. After all,Continue reading “Offensively Outrageous”

All Our Dreams

Too many of those mornings were lost to rain. Jenny stood at the window, looking out each morning as though she was seeing portents in the falling rain. She would turn back to look at me, as I waited for her to come back to bed, as if the world outside were my fault. But,Continue reading “All Our Dreams”

Under the Sky

Under the Sky When all these notions fall beneath the sky That covers us, while standing, waiting here For time to bring a deeper knowing, time we understand now why this rain still falls. We stand here looking out towards the stars, Not understanding distance, how it grows And changes over time and time again.Continue reading “Under the Sky”

No Matter How Deep

No Matter How Deep This is a hand that takes the shape of holding To take the form of every precious moment Into itself to keep each instance bright And each significant one held so close, Still clutched so tight. Unwilling to release To watch the moment falling slowly down Into the river. Flowing timeContinue reading “No Matter How Deep”

A Shiny Thing

Twoforthepriceofone Weaselsemblance is undoubtedly the UK’s leading contemporary novelist. His magnum opus Shiny Thing is a 2598 page multi-award winning expose of 24 hours in the life of a North Grimsby streetlight. Rumour has it that Hollywood is close to signing a multimillion-dollar deal to make a film of the book, with several of Hollywood’sContinue reading “A Shiny Thing”

Shadows Only

Shadows Only We are shadows only, leaving No real mark of our soft passing. Leaving only hollow echoes Fading slowly between then and now. Memories are small and fragile. Lost amongst the magnitude of what Ought to be remembered as days Go by, falling one after another Into the heaping past. Lost to recall InContinue reading “Shadows Only”

Internet Mass Debater of the Year Award

Pendulous Stoatdangler is the most famous internet debater in the world. This year he again won – for the tenth consecutive year – the Internet Mass Debater of the Year Award. Although the award ceremony was once again – as it was two years ago – held up while Stoatdangler exchanges angry emails with theContinue reading “Internet Mass Debater of the Year Award”

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