The City of Her Dreams

Kerena dreamt a river that bought the melting snow down from the mountains to the warmer flat plain, turning the bare world green along its edges. It was here that she dreamt a city for her people, her family, her tribe, her silo. She built them a strong city, rising tall by the riverside withContinue reading “The City of Her Dreams”

The Washed-Out World

Ella remembered too many of those pale dreams that floated through her nights. All those washed out landscapes like some pale watercolour world. The low mists that hugged the pale green valleys and the riders on grey horses that galloped with mist-muted hoofs through all her dreams. She wondered why she only dreamed of theContinue reading “The Washed-Out World”

Dreams are Easy

Sometimes, Nella thought, dreams are easy. She had known Shola all her life, and she knew Dran too. She knew what Shola wanted, and she knew that Dran was interested too. She would speak to Tallen, the village elder and the wise woman, Drona, and tell them what she had learnt. Within the year, probablyContinue reading “Dreams are Easy”

Beyond the Horizon of Ordinary Dreaming

Beyond the Horizon of Ordinary Dreaming In motion, dreaming on some wide far seas A breathing wave that lies below the blue Slow undulating restless sheets of night. She swims on, deeper into her own dreams. A floating freedom, taken where the tides Wash her towards new lands and to new loves She never knewContinue reading “Beyond the Horizon of Ordinary Dreaming”

How She Named It

This was how she named it. Carla stood on the verge of this new world, unwilling to take the step to enter it. It was a world she’d dreamed of, for as long as she could remember. She had been born to a woman who hardly ever noticed her, in the darkest corner of aContinue reading “How She Named It”

The Dreaming Castle

It could be a dream that holds her deep inside a world she does not know. It could be a world conjured out of airy nothing by a mind wandering inside itself. It could be something new. Jenny had not been here before and it had the same lack of consistency of the world sheContinue reading “The Dreaming Castle”

The Desert Of Her Dreams

There are dreams buried under these rocks and stones. The desert is dry, bare, desolate. But there was life here once, I can feel it. Of the many landscapes I come across, this must be one of the most desolate I have ever seen, but I do not feel lost or despondent. There could beContinue reading “The Desert Of Her Dreams”

The Thief Of Dreams

It was her world, hers alone. I was an intruder, a stranger and an interloper. By then, though, I had already learnt many lessons about sneaking around as people slept. I had to be careful to stay out of her line of sight, stay in the shadows, make no noise or movement that would attractContinue reading “The Thief Of Dreams”

Each Handful of Day

She could turn as she held each day as a season. From the bright emerging green of spring, through the softer blooming of the coloured summer through the golds, reds and fading away of the autumn to the white bare winter the days would wait for her. She had all the days anyone could needContinue reading “Each Handful of Day”

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