It was a large empty room. There was a small window high on the wall, too high for her to reach. The floor was hard, cold, stone with a scattering of musty straw over most of it, with a small heap under where she lay. She assumed it was daytime outside, judging from the small,Continue reading “Captured”

Without a Prayer

Eventually they came for us. Every belief needs some blood sacrifice to make its adherents feel they are the chosen ones and we, here in these hills, became those sacrifices. When the old gods faded and died, we here in the hills turned away from the religions that rose up to replace those old gods.Continue reading “Without a Prayer”

The Land Lies Wanton

This is a land of winter. We do not know much of the summers to the south. We do not grow grapes that ripen in the sun, or take long languid breaks in the middle of the day. Life here is not long, slow and unhurried. Our summers, such as they are, are frantic, racingContinue reading “The Land Lies Wanton”

Each Handful of Day

She could turn as she held each day as a season. From the bright emerging green of spring, through the softer blooming of the coloured summer through the golds, reds and fading away of the autumn to the white bare winter the days would wait for her. She had all the days anyone could needContinue reading “Each Handful of Day”

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