The Long Fog

The fog has not lifted for days now. It is dull, cold damp world that looms suddenly out of the thick greyness, taking us all by surprise. Sound is deadened, muted. We feel cocooned in some thick wadding that wraps around our world trapping us all inside. At first, we all assumed it was moreContinue reading “The Long Fog”

Then They Came

The day draws to a close. We draw the curtains on the growing darkness. Then we lock and bolt the doors before checking the weapons. The nights grow longer now. There is more darkness than light as the days shrink and cower before the approaching winter. It will not be long before winter locks usContinue reading “Then They Came”

Waiting For The Sign

When the time comes, we will know. That’s what they say. Until then, we wait here. We wait for the sign that will take us forward into the unknown. None of us know what they are waiting for. Our leaders are as unsure as the rest of us. They, the leaders, have tents, while weContinue reading “Waiting For The Sign”

The Ending Of Everything

There was, Neil supposed, always a feeling that humanity was close to some catastrophe. There is something in having imagination, foresight and knowledge. Ally this with the awareness of life’s fragility and it does make any self-aware species not only aware of its own individual mortality, but of how tentative the grasp of all ofContinue reading “The Ending Of Everything”

After the Accident

  Something about it held me there. We waited, unsure, as if there was something there in the air we could sense but not see, hear, smell or touch. It felt like something from long ago, some ancient instinct lying far below our civilised selves. I felt Jeanine tense, her hand tightening inside mine. SheContinue reading “After the Accident”

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