These Changed Times

The days are much like one another. The weather changes, often quite a lot. Just because yesterday was dull and rainy, does not mean that today will not be warm, bright and sunny. The seasons, though, change slowly, merging into one another with no abrupt changes. Even so, the green of spring or the firstContinue reading “These Changed Times”

Saving It All Up

I hadn’t seen one before. Not up close. Even though I knew I wanted one and I even felt like I needed one, I wasn’t sure why I wanted, needed, one. Back at the shelter, those who had one often kept those of us without one at a distance. They called us singles and tendedContinue reading “Saving It All Up”

The Beasts Of The City

Well, sometimes it doesn’t seem so bad. After all, there is no rush hour these days. There is no idiot TV and there is a blessed freedom from arseholes mouthing their opinions and dickheads telling you what they think. Best of all, though, there are no politicians. Worst of all there are no women inContinue reading “The Beasts Of The City”

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