Back When These Words Were Written

These words were left here long ago. That was back in the time when humans used the written word. There are not many left who still know how to read, mostly only enthusiasts and academic experts. Back when these words were written, people used things they called books, huge bulky collections of written words toContinue reading “Back When These Words Were Written”

What this City Used to Be

Something…. There was movement out there. Something flickered past one of the windows, or rather one of the holes where the windows use to be. It had been a long time since there had been any windows. Only us older ones remembered when those holes in the walls had glass in them. Back then, theContinue reading “What this City Used to Be”

The Streets Are Grass

The Streets Are Grass Back then we had history; we had a past. All that is gone now. All that remains are these ruins from a time long gone. A time that will never return. Even now, amongst the younger ones, the past is just a place of stories and wonder. Just tales told aroundContinue reading “The Streets Are Grass”

The Lucky Ones

What could be done? We were just ordinary people, living ordinary lives until the day it all changed. None of us knew much about how the world around us worked and was organised. We all just got on with life as best we could, while around us this huge complex beast that provided us withContinue reading “The Lucky Ones”

On The Run

It began, much as these events do, in the morning. The darkness was fading slowly into a dawn as we struggled out of our sleeping blankets. The winter had turned to spring then summer and we had put away our furs and our tents. Most of us now slept under the open sky and onlyContinue reading “On The Run”

The City Was A Dream

The city was a dream we created and told one another. We made its streets and buildings, filling it all with a population on the move from here to there and back again. We grew too used to the silence in the Hollow Years. The silence of the brooding remains haunted our every day. TheContinue reading “The City Was A Dream”

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