When The Shadow Came

A shadow grew out of the darkness, its edges sharp and defined against the light. The shadow changed and shifted, even though the glowing streetlights did not. Then the shadow moved, flowing up the lamppost like some film shown in reverse. The light went out. The shadow grew as though it fed on the absenceContinue reading “When The Shadow Came”


It fell like slowness through the void. It slept a long time, while outside the stars revolved and the silence grew with distance. It slept because there was nothing to do. It slept so long that it forgot the name it used to have. It forgot the peoples, the hive it grew from and –Continue reading “Exile”

Shadows Are Like Dreams

Shadows are like dreams haunting the memory with the hidden and the possible. The shadows haunt the dreams and the possibilities the dreams hold within themselves haunt all the shadows. Juliet was a woman who knew too much about the shadows. She was born in the darkness. She had crawled out of the deepest shadowsContinue reading “Shadows Are Like Dreams”

Voices In The Dark

The voices call from the dark. They lie out of reach, crying in the emptiness. Hands reach, fingertips brush against what could almost reach… if only. Inches become measureless voids, full only of emptiness. Only space lies between the hand that reaches and the hand that would reach back, grab and hold on tight. ThisContinue reading “Voices In The Dark”

Then They Came

The day draws to a close. We draw the curtains on the growing darkness. Then we lock and bolt the doors before checking the weapons. The nights grow longer now. There is more darkness than light as the days shrink and cower before the approaching winter. It will not be long before winter locks usContinue reading “Then They Came”

The Living Warmth

We give each other names we whisper in the darkness to keep the creeping shadows away. Our hands reach for the reassurance of closeness and the warmth of living bodies, the pressure of life. Here there are only the noises of the night. The old house sighs, mutters and groans around us as it settlesContinue reading “The Living Warmth”

She Flew

  Jessica saw the puddle as she flew towards it, knowing she would land in it. She spread herself as she landed with a squelch in the heavy mud, filthy water splashing up all around her. She twisted as she landed; her uniform already sodden. She pulled the pistol from her holster, aiming back atContinue reading “She Flew”

The Ending Of Everything

There was, Neil supposed, always a feeling that humanity was close to some catastrophe. There is something in having imagination, foresight and knowledge. Ally this with the awareness of life’s fragility and it does make any self-aware species not only aware of its own individual mortality, but of how tentative the grasp of all ofContinue reading “The Ending Of Everything”

On The Run

It began, much as these events do, in the morning. The darkness was fading slowly into a dawn as we struggled out of our sleeping blankets. The winter had turned to spring then summer and we had put away our furs and our tents. Most of us now slept under the open sky and onlyContinue reading “On The Run”

The Slippage

  Sometimes this world slips and one of those other worlds that lie on its edges slips through. This doesn’t usually matter that much for it is the nature of these worlds, these universes, that edge against each other that they are very similar. They change more the further they are from one another, untilContinue reading “The Slippage”

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