How To Do The Sex When You Are Old And Knackered

At least, we had the custard ready. Even so, she was somewhat reluctant to disrobe fully before the apple crumble was in the dish. Still, once we had the hang of the instructions it all went as well as we expected. Perhaps next time will be even better, especially if we remember to warm theContinue reading “How To Do The Sex When You Are Old And Knackered”

Celebrity Fads

Skinnydip Watercourse is these days probably the UK’s leading exponent of the celebrity fad. Once almost famous for playing a minor role in a daytime soap, Watercourse became a fixture on the celebrity panel-show circuit several years ago. This was after, famously, the Metropolitan Police’s Anti-Celebrity Squad caught her doing something undisclosed with a SwedishContinue reading “Celebrity Fads”

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