When Wizarding Goes Wrong

It was another day… probably. Helbert opened his other eye as much as he could. The other eye confirmed it was morning. He’d survived the night, which was something of a relief. Unless this was the afterlife. Helbert lifted his head further from the pillow. Once his eyes got the hang of focussing properly again,Continue reading “When Wizarding Goes Wrong”

The Theory Of Magic

‘No.’ ‘Why not?’ ‘It doesn’t work like that.’ ‘Why not?’ Molcur sighed. This one was going to be trouble. ‘Magic doesn’t work like that.’ ‘Why not?’ The student glared at him as though it was Molcur’s own fault. Judging by his life so far, Molcur thought she could have a point. He shrugged and wipedContinue reading “The Theory Of Magic”

Back To Basics

‘What?’ ‘That one.’ Are you sure?’ The magician looked down at the… that… the thing on the bench in front of him. The student nodded. She wasn’t exactly beaming, but there was a smile there. The magician picked one of the wands from the wand rack, wiping it on his sleeve as he approached theContinue reading “Back To Basics”

The Nature of Magic

That is the thing with magic: it is not exact, it is not precise. It is about taking nature and twisting it into shapes you control… or, in most cases, try to control. Some people, mostly those who do not think about it, assume there is some separation between the human and the rest ofContinue reading “The Nature of Magic”

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