The Many Ways of Truth

Some stories are like that, though, strange in the telling. Some people do not trust stories, thinking them inferior to the real, to what they like to believe is the truth. The truth, though, is never that simple. There are many truths, many ways of seeing the world. Some of those ways are better thanContinue reading “The Many Ways of Truth”

When the Walls Shut Out the World

Reasons hang there in the silence, heavy and ponderous. We feel the weight of them dragging the sky down to the horizon, pulling that horizon closer until we feel its confines around us. There is no escape from the now and the reasons that hold us here, together in a room where the walls keepContinue reading “When the Walls Shut Out the World”

Word Magic

Just forget everything else. There is nothing here except this empty page that waits. The hesitant footsteps come, slowly, tentative at first like some cautious animal stepping out over the page. These words, like this, have never been here before. Each blank page is something new, something yet to be. The words become like footprintsContinue reading “Word Magic”


Mistakes We now are almost ready to begin. This is the place it starts, beginning here. We find these places and we create times From those we take with us as memories. We cannot shape these moments held so tight Into a final form until we know The shapes they should always then take beforeContinue reading “Mistakes”

Lost at Sea

The summer was over and we turned away from the time we’d had to head back from the coast towards our inland lives. Something had changed out there; on the edge of everything, where the land is lost to the sea. We had lost something of that certainty, that feeling of solidity underfoot. Now weContinue reading “Lost at Sea”

Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes This is not how beginnings are made, Out of the ashes Of what has recently fallen. We ought to go out beyond To find a new greener valley. One where the memories Do not haunt each waking step And dreams are filled with places And faces that we know too well,Continue reading “Out of the Ashes”


Sleepers Here we are, holding These precious jewels Of memory up To each other once more, Finding what one remembers The other wanted to forget. Finding that we did not, After all, share a life. But had two lives That ran parallel together Like railroad tracks. These memories – like the sleepers – What heldContinue reading “Sleepers”

This Time Of Parting

We kissed for the last time that morning. We turned away from each other as if moving through air suddenly made heavier, denser, by this time of parting. We knew when it began that it would not last. We both knew that time was only a stage on both our journeys. We were both movingContinue reading “This Time Of Parting”

If He Could Be Arsed

Andrew was not much of a traveller. He regarded going to the supermarket as a great excursion and had only been abroad a few times. Not from any fear of the foreign or uncertainty about what it would be like abroad, more a matter of his not being arsed. Andrew just didn’t care. Once, whenContinue reading “If He Could Be Arsed”

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