The Memory Guitar

  She glanced across at the guitar case, untouched for so long. Every few days, Rosie the cleaner came into the room and dusted. She wiped down the guitar case and polished the gold records in their frames on the wall. Occasionally, she’d look at him, but she knew now, warned by his PA, notContinue reading “The Memory Guitar”

Into The Unknown Lands

There are all these times and all these places haunting our memories. Will we ever escape the weight of everything pulling us back and make it to some new place of beginning? Time has a weight that drags on the shoulders, bending us down over the years we drag behind us as we travel theseContinue reading “Into The Unknown Lands”


Gallery These are all the lives we now remember, this is all of it, and spread around us down the gallery of days long over, pausing to recall those times that mattered. These are galleries of years together. Do you still remember this? Our lives here all arranged in place as we recall them, makingContinue reading “Gallery”

Of All The Brothels In All The World

Of all the brothels in all the world, she had to be working in this one. I’d hoped I’d forget Asila. I’d certainly tried to drink enough to forget her and I’d travelled so far to get away from her. I’d become a legionnaire in the Kantish Empire’s foreign legion and marched of to warsContinue reading “Of All The Brothels In All The World”

The Nameless Ones

The Nameless Ones Indifferent We stand at the edge Names We are nameless Call our names Naked in the darkness I could touch Only broken stone As old as the forgotten Cold to the fingertips Her name Her name is unknown She walks Dressed in white Find that path What else is there Going downContinue reading “The Nameless Ones”


Cairn Such moments taken, used as a new sign. We have seen all these signs before and now we know how understanding hides itself in distant places and we see it there. So should I let it go and watch it fall? I see it all then float away on down the flowing river ofContinue reading “Cairn”

Out of Reach

What shapes the morning? We emerge out of the darkness into a dawn taking shapes from the shadows to build a world around us. We wait here, hidden under sheets, waiting for tomorrow to turn into today and now. What was too far out of reach ever to touch comes creeping in through these curtainsContinue reading “Out of Reach”

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