Guard Duty

Maybe there was a time when a woman walked alone along the ramparts of this castle in the evenings as the sun set over the far blue hills. Maybe she did stop and stand at one particular place on these walls. Maybe she stood at the place above where the road from the castle gatesContinue reading “Guard Duty”

This Moment is an Oasis

There is only the space between then and now. The gap between what was and what will be shrinks down to this instance, this moment she holds in her hand. She looks away, first one way and then the other. Over her left shoulder lies the past, some of which we shared. Over her rightContinue reading “This Moment is an Oasis”

Left on Her Shores

A slow moment held in her hands as if she can grasp time itself, take it out of the air and keep it. Her hands lie high above her head as she lies there, opening and closing them as though reaching and holding each moment. Her breath grows heavier, harder, as though she is strugglingContinue reading “Left on Her Shores”

Here Is Nothing

  Here Is Nothing If this could be your moment would you make use of it? Could you see all there is to see? Could you call out names and describe? Could you hold it and call it precious? Would it call out in your dreams and worm its way inside all your deepest darkestContinue reading “Here Is Nothing”

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