The Night Of The Disappeared

Then she was there. Then she was gone. I sat up in the bed, staring into the darkness. There was no-one, nothing there. I sat there unmoving for a moment, waiting. I could feel sweat cooling on my body in the cold night air. I shivered. Whether I shivered from the coldness or something else,Continue reading “The Night Of The Disappeared”

Knowing The Secrets Of The Darkness

  It was a cold, dark night. I thought I knew the secrets of the darkness. I did not fear it, not for a long time. When I was young, back then I used to have fears about what hid in the darkness. Now, though, I was used to the darkness and I no longerContinue reading “Knowing The Secrets Of The Darkness”

Tea Break At The World’s End

  It began – as do all the important events in life – with a nice cup of tea. Then the world ended. Which was a bit unusual. Luckily, though, Ben had finished his cup of tea and placed the empty mug down on a firm surface. So, even when the world ended, he didContinue reading “Tea Break At The World’s End”

Not A Pretty Sight

‘It’s not a pretty sight.’ Even Lydon’s usually laconic style was absent. Jensen had never seen him looking so pale. Lydon shivered, gripping the coffee-cup tight between both his hands. Jensen waited. ‘What?’ Jensen smiled at his subordinate. ‘Usually, about now, you say you’ve seen worse.’ Lydon shook his head, looking down at the lidContinue reading “Not A Pretty Sight”

Another Dead Body

‘A body?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Dead.’ ‘Indeed. Very, as bodies usually are.’ ‘Oh, I wouldn’t say that sergeant. After all we – you and I – both have bodies, which in my case feels very much alive. And, using my finely honed powers of deductive reasoning I would say the evidence suggests that your body is aliveContinue reading “Another Dead Body”

Over By The Tree

‘Look!’ ‘What? Where?’ ‘Oh… hang on. No…. It doesn’t matter.’ ‘What doesn’t matter?’ ‘No, it’s gone now… forget about it.’ ‘How can I forget about it now? When I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to be forgetting?’ ‘I said it didn’t matter.’ ‘It’s too late for that now. Now, it does matter, becauseContinue reading “Over By The Tree”

Written In The Sand

So many words heaped up here into these shapes. Sculptures left here in this desert and scoured by the wind. Each word carved out of an unwilling stone and then dragged here through these trudging dunes in the teeth of the unceasing wind. Then we place them here as though these heaps of carved wordsContinue reading “Written In The Sand”


It was a large empty room. There was a small window high on the wall, too high for her to reach. The floor was hard, cold, stone with a scattering of musty straw over most of it, with a small heap under where she lay. She assumed it was daytime outside, judging from the small,Continue reading “Captured”

Beyond the Edge of the Garden

Something I’d liked about the cottage when I bought it, was the way its garden merged into the rough ground beyond it. I’d always intended to – one day – explore what lay beyond the edge of my garden, but like all those ‘one days’ we have this one had never come around. Then, oneContinue reading “Beyond the Edge of the Garden”

After the Accident

  Something about it held me there. We waited, unsure, as if there was something there in the air we could sense but not see, hear, smell or touch. It felt like something from long ago, some ancient instinct lying far below our civilised selves. I felt Jeanine tense, her hand tightening inside mine. SheContinue reading “After the Accident”

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