When the Nights Grew Too Long

The nights are too long now. There was a time when the nights were short, over with too soon. There was a time when the morning came long before we were ready to meet it. Those were the nights when we came together and stayed in each other’s arms as though clinging together against theContinue reading “When the Nights Grew Too Long”

Stepping off the Path

Stepping off the Path I lost my way. I stepped right off the path And stumbled down, so deep into the dark, Into that forest where I’ve seen the creatures You’ve heard all crying in the heart of night And tearing fear out from the darkness hiding So much of this our possible bright worldContinue reading “Stepping off the Path”

Mouse on the Roof

We were up on the roof of her building that night. I say it was her building, but – like me – Mouse didn’t own anything. ‘Who do you think owns all this?’ Mouse said to me as we looked out over the roofs of the city. Smoke rose from the chimneys even though itContinue reading “Mouse on the Roof”

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