The History of Politics

Back then, no-one expected it to last. At least, they thought we would not have quite as much of it as we have now. Back in those early days of civilisation, people expected that politics would be kept behind closed doors where it belonged. They assumed that decent people would do their best to avoidContinue reading “The History of Politics”

New Home Secretary in Billy Connolly Tribute

New Home Secretary performs his tribute to Billy Connolly’s incontinence pants routine outside the Home Office Yesterday the newly-appointed Home Secretary in the UK government celebrated his new position by performing a tribute to what he called ‘my favourite comedy routine’. ‘As we all know,’ the new Home Secretary said. ‘Billy Connolly’s immortal comment ‘TheContinue reading “New Home Secretary in Billy Connolly Tribute”

The Mystery of Politics

Of course, one of the greatest mysteries of the history of human civilisation is discovering just why humanity succumbed to politics. Many philosophers have theorised that there must have at one point in early human history be a civilisation that was entirely free of this debilitating disease. Herbert Von Tinkletool the great German post-predisunstructuralist historianContinue reading “The Mystery of Politics”

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