A New Golden Age

According to the old stories, whispered late at night amongst people who have known each other a long time, there was a time when there were no Temples on the hills in each town or village. These old stories tell of a time from before when our grandfathers were young. They tell of a landContinue reading “A New Golden Age”

Word Magic

Just forget everything else. There is nothing here except this empty page that waits. The hesitant footsteps come, slowly, tentative at first like some cautious animal stepping out over the page. These words, like this, have never been here before. Each blank page is something new, something yet to be. The words become like footprintsContinue reading “Word Magic”

When the Nights Grew Too Long

The nights are too long now. There was a time when the nights were short, over with too soon. There was a time when the morning came long before we were ready to meet it. Those were the nights when we came together and stayed in each other’s arms as though clinging together against theContinue reading “When the Nights Grew Too Long”

A Dangerous Trade

Across the vast plains they rode, looking for a place they could halt, if only for a few hours. They needed a chance to get their breath back, a chance to look behind to see if the others were there, still, behind them. They had ridden for a long time, day after day, across theContinue reading “A Dangerous Trade”

Tales of the Old Used to Be

There was a time when there used to be stories here. These fires, burning through the night, would be where the people gathered as they waited for sleep to come. We would tell each other tales; sometimes the tales of The Old Used to Be, sometimes tales of hunts, scavengers, loves and loses. Even then,Continue reading “Tales of the Old Used to Be”

When This Cruel World Turns Cold

The winter came slowly this time. We were ready for the cold, the dark and the wind-driven snow. We knew we would not have enough food for the tribe, not for the whole winter. We also knew that not all the tribe would make it through to the spring thaw. It is not just theContinue reading “When This Cruel World Turns Cold”

An Alternate Beginning

All of this, though, was different. ‘Where are we? Polly knelt on the ground, her hands pressed into the pale, sandy earth. ‘I don’t know.’ ‘You were driving.’ ‘It was true, I had been driving. But, back then we had a car. I sat up and looked around. There was no car, not now. ‘Well?’Continue reading “An Alternate Beginning”

A Day in Another Life

She had a memory of this world. Beth knew she had lived this life before at some time. As far as she knew, she had not ever visited this part of the country before. But so much of it was familiar to her from somewhere. She just seemed to know where she was going andContinue reading “A Day in Another Life”

The Witching Hour

It wasn’t what she expected. But then she was twenty-five now. She’d learnt that whatever you expected, what tended to turn up wasn’t it. Sheena had, long ago, given up on magic. She knew the world didn’t work like that. She’d given up on it as more or less the same time she’d given upContinue reading “The Witching Hour”

The Hunters

Marion crouched down at the edge of the clearing, listening. At first, all she could hear was the thump of her own heart, the throb of the blood in her veins, and her panting breath. She took several slow deep breaths, her hands pressing down on her thighs. There was a rustle, sudden in theContinue reading “The Hunters”

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